From Coffee Grounds and Plastic Bottles to Healthcare Uniforms: Sustainable Scrubs’ Green Revolution

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Take some plastic bottles, mix them with coffee grounds, and what do you get? Scrubs!

Sustainable Scrubs, an Australian-based brand, is making waves in the healthcare industry with its latest innovative line of 100% recycled scrubs for healthcare professionals and other scrub wearers. The brand’s proprietary fabric, GreenThreads™, is made from recycled polyester derived from plastic bottles and coffee grounds, making it the first of its kind in the industry.

Sustainable Scrubs was founded by two savvy business women in Nat Lippiatt and Kim Lee, with a vision to challenge the conventional design of medical scrubs. With a drive to tackle environmental waste, and leave the planet in better shape, their goal was to transform ordinary workwear into performance wear that offers superior style and comfort, whilst also solving an environmental waste issue. With a strong commitment to sustainability, the brand’s mission is to provide healthcare professionals with a range of sustainable scrubs that reduce their impact on the environment, without compromising on quality, and the product designed and manufactured delivers this in spades.

As healthcare workers are acutely aware of the volume of single-use plastic they use, Sustainable Scrubs recognises the importance of providing sustainable solutions that do not compromise patient safety or add unnecessary guilt or stress. By prioritising sustainability, Sustainable Scrubs has been able to tap into the heart of those who care for the environment, empowering healthcare professionals to make a positive impact on both their patients and the planet.

“We’re proud to introduce our revolutionary line of 100% recycled scrubs to the market,” said Nat Lippiatt, Sustainable Scrubs Co-Founder, Brand and Sustainability Manager. “Our goal is to offer healthcare professionals a product that is both sustainable and comfortable, and also provides an opportunity to choose a commodity that is necessary for their jobs, but . Our product is designed to withstand the rigours of the medical industry while promoting environmental responsibility.”

With a strong commitment to sustainability, the brand’s innovative approach to product development includes using recycled materials to create its scrubs, which  still stand up to the comfort test – important when working in industries that often have long hours and challenging conditions. The scrubs are durable, flexible, and also look modern and appeal across multiple industries.

Veterinarian Dr Seina Capp, from the Thornbury Veterinary Clinic in Melbourne, has recently made the switch to Sustainable Scrubs at their clinic. Seina says the reason for the change was driven by their commitment to sustainability, saying “When we changed our uniforms, it was a quick win for us that makes the team feel good about what they’re wearing and gives us something tangible to demonstrate our sustainability goals and commitment. The fact they look great and feel incredible is just a bonus.”

“As vets, we hold a trusted place at the heart of local communities. This puts us in a perfect position to be leaders of change by raising awareness not only within our teams, but also with our clients, our suppliers, and our community, and inspire others to start thinking about their own impact on climate change, and how they can become more sustainable. By making changes in our own practice, and sharing our story with as many people as possible, we hope to raise awareness and inspire others to take a first step in becoming more sustainable.”

The use of recycled materials in the production of Sustainable Scrubs has a significant impact on the environment. By using recycled polyester from plastic bottles and coffee grounds, the brand conserves precious natural resources and reduces waste. Furthermore, the brand’s fabric is made without using any virgin materials, thereby contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Sustainable Scrubs’ innovative approach to sustainability and product development sets it apart from other brands in the market. The company is committed to creating a more sustainable future for healthcare professionals and other scrub wearers, and its production process is designed to minimise its carbon footprint. The company also partners with Australian Post to offset carbon emissions generated during the production and shipping of its products.

In addition to producing scrubs from 100% recycled fabric, Sustainable Scrubs has also launched Operation Green Scrubs, a program that enables the company to take back its garments and others at the end of their life and use the fabric to create new items, reducing its environmental footprint and closing the loop on waste.

“Our recycled scrubs are just the beginning of our sustainability journey. We’re constantly striving to improve our production process and reduce our carbon footprint, because we know that every little step counts towards creating a better future,” said Kim Lee, Co-Founder, Scrub Designer and Senior Supply Chain Manager.

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