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3 – 18 September 2022

The final week of FUSE continues with more thrilling and captivating performances from local artists and performers in its exciting multi-arts program. Highlights include:

From Saturday 10 September, the new wave synth-pop urban diva, Baxter Avalon, continues her lively, fun and high energy performances using her own wearable solar-powered sound system called STEALTH MODE for a series of micro concerts in different secret Darebin locations. Details will be revealed only to those registered for these free performances via her website and Instagram.

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On 15-17 September at the JOLTED Arts Space, festival-goers will be immersed in ‘Deep Creatures‘ by The Amplified Elephants. A young woman unlocks the secrets of a clay urn discovered in a mysterious shipwreck after being guided there by ‘The Following’- a council of interdimensional aliens. Explore an interplay of electronic ambient sound, cinematic spaces, vocal work and poetry in this immersive waterplay journey. Book tickets here.

On 18 September at ELA ROSE STUDIOS, visitors will get the chance to step into an ethereal wonderland of light and song through Madam Nightingale’s synthpop matinee performance. Bring a pillow and become one within the intimate hour-long experience, a spellbinding continuous cycle of song, visual art and theatrical spoken word. Book tickets here.

The festival ends with a bang with The FUSE Block Party on 17 September at Newman Reserve and the adjacent Retropolis vintage warehouse in PrestonThis includes live bass music delivered through the show stopping Utility Kinetic Insect sound system, vintage flea market, live art, a No Lights No Lycra dance, mural making and more. A highlight of the event is the FUSE Dress-up parade, come wearing a costume or design one at the free on-site workshop, it is a chance to celebrate self-expression.

FUSE is a contemporary, multi-arts festival that turns the City of Darebin into a platform for local artists and performers to highlight their rich, artistic talent. FUSE encourages the community to discover the surprising and unexpected in their local neighbourhood. Ending September 18, checking out the creative colour and flare in Darebin in the community is a must for city explorers and the wider Melbourne community.

View the full FUSE Spring 2022 program at https://www.fusedarebin.com.au/fuse-spring-2022-program/

Images provided by City of Darebin.

Top left: Baxter Avalon and bottom right: Deep Creatures’ by The Amplified Elephants

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