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Turning Fabric Scraps into Trending Capsules

Fjällräven [‘Fyell-rev-en’], home to the world’s most popular backpack, proudly announces the launch of the Samlaren hardware range – a new chapter in the Fjällräven Samlaren project.

The Samlaren hardware range is a limited-edition version of two of the brand’s iconic backpack styles, the Kånken and the Haulpack, born from the remnants of fabrics from Fjällräven’s mills and factories, consciously kept and given a second life.

Based on classic Fjällräven designs with time-proven constructions and functionality, Samlaren products use upcycled materials and an elevated design, each with an artful combination of leftover materials. The namesake, Samlaren, the Swedish word for ‘Gatherer’, speaks directly to the project’s ethos.

“Our production processes don’t create large amounts of leftover materials, which is why Samlaren is a very limited collection. But until we get so efficient that there simply aren’t any leftover materials at all in our processes, Samlaren is an inspiring way for us to turn the leftovers we have into treasured pieces,” explains Henrik Andersson, Global Creative Director.

The Samlaren Kånken Collection is a testament to Fjällräven’s vision for a greener future. Each product showcases the classic design and enduring construction of the Kånken backpack, with the added layer of individuality that Samlaren embodies. From city streets to rugged landscapes, these limited-edition pieces encapsulate the spirit of adventure, sustainability, and self-expression.

“In the broad scope of our work with sustainability, minimising waste is a crucial part, and Samlaren is an effective and elegant way of doing that. The leftover materials have already been produced according to our strict requirements on sustainability and durability, so Samlaren products, like all Fjällräven products, are long-term investments, ready for many, many years of outdoor use,” said Saskia Bloch, Global Sustainability Director.

Slightly larger than its predecessor, the Samlaren Kånken retains the timeless functionality of the original design. It is enhanced with padded shoulder straps and multiple pockets – open, zippered, or with buttons – to accommodate modern needs while preserving its iconic silhouette. Among its notable features, the spacious main compartment boasts a back inside pocket, conveniently housing a seat pad, underscoring Fjällräven’s signature blend of practicality and comfort.

The Samlaren Kånken capsule includes 3 styles:

●  Samlaren Kånken 2c

●  Samlaren Kånken 2d

●  Samlaren Kånken 2b

As Fjällräven continues to pioneer innovative solutions in outdoor gear, this collection underscores its vision of a world where every thread, every detail, and every adventure matters.

Available exclusively on Fjällräven’s website with fast delivery options and in-store in Sydney and Melbourne, the new Samlaren Kånken RRP is $194.95.

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