GE Vernova’s first Haliade-X offshore wind turbine installed at sea begins producing power

GE Wind

Image credit: Dogger Bank Wind Farm

  • Turbine is one of the first of the next generation 13 MW+ wind turbine generators to become operational at sea and the largest ever installed in European waters
  • Milestone follows three years of testing
  • Dogger Bank Wind Farm will be largest in the world and capable of supplying the equivalent of 5% of UK’s electricity demand when completed

GE Vernova’s Offshore Wind business announced today that its first ever Haliade-X offshore wind turbine installed at sea began producing power as part of the Dogger Bank Wind Farm located 130 km off the UK coast. The turbine was one of the first of the next generation wind turbine generators at 13 MW+ to become operational at sea and the largest ever installed in European waters.

The 13 MW Haliade-X turbine was the first of 277 turbines that will be installed at the 3.6 GW Dogger Bank Wind Farm that will be the largest in world when completed. The Dogger Bank Wind Farm, which is being built in three phases – Dogger Bank A, B, and C – will use a mix of 13 and 14 MW Haliade-X turbines to power the equivalent of 6 million UK households or about 5% of the UK’s electricity demand.

GE Vernova’s Offshore Wind business CEO Jan Kjaersgaard said, “Energizing the first Haliade-X at sea is another important step in the evolution of the offshore wind industry. The Haliade-X was designed to provide clean, reliable renewable energy at scale to projects such as Dogger Bank. It is exactly the kind of innovative technology GE Vernova will rely on to continue to electrify the world while simultaneously working to decarbonize it.

When the Haliade-X was introduced in 2018 it was the first 12MW + offshore wind turbine in the industry. It was designed as part of a platform that enabled it to evolve to meet the industry’s need for more efficient turbines capable of producing more power with the same amount of wind.

In developing the Haliade-X, GE Vernova’s Offshore Wind business relied on unprecedented collaboration across the GE portfolio, leveraging the knowledge of GE Onshore Wind, LM Wind Power, GE Power, GE Aviation, GE Digital and the company’s Global Research Center.

A prototype of the Haliade-X has been operating on land in the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands for over three years. The Haliade-X received independent certification from DNV to operate at up to 14.7 MW as a result of extensive testing conducted on the prototype.

In addition to supplying power to the historic Dogger Bank Wind Farm, the Haliade-X will also be used as part of the 800 MW Vineyard Wind project that will become the first utility scale wind farm in the US and the Ocean Wind I project in New Jersey.

About GE Vernova

GE Vernova is a planned, purpose-built global energy company that includes Power, Wind, and Electrification segments and is supported by its accelerator businesses of Advanced Research, Consulting Services, and Financial Services. Building on over 130 years of experience tackling the world’s challenges, GE Vernova is uniquely positioned to help lead the energy transition by continuing to electrify the world while simultaneously working to decarbonize it. GE Vernova helps customers power economies and deliver electricity that is vital to health, safety, security, and improved quality of life. GE Vernova is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S., with more than 80,000 employees across 140+ countries around the world. GE Vernova’s Offshore Wind business is one of the world’s leading offshore wind energy and services provider, with wind turbines capable of a proven performance up to 14 megawatts.

GE Vernova’s mission is embedded in its name – it retains its legacy, “GE,” as an enduring and hard-earned badge of quality and ingenuity. “Ver” / “verde” signal Earth’s verdant and lush ecosystems. “Nova,” from the Latin “novus,” nods to a new, innovative era of lower carbon energy. Supported by the Company Purpose, The Energy to Change the World, GE Vernova will help deliver a more affordable, reliable, sustainable, and secure energy future. Learn more: GE Vernova and LinkedIn.

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