Grace Removals Selects Foton EV Truck


Scott Gillespie (Carbon Pty Ltd Chief Executive Officer), with Craig Page (Grace Group CEO), and Bill Gillespie (Foton Mobility Distribution’s General Manager of Light Duty Vehicles).

Grace Removals, one of Australia’s largest providers of household removals and business relocation services, has taken a significant step towards its commitment to the environment by introducing a Foton T5 EV as Australia’s first fully electric removals truck to its household moving vehicle fleet.

The company, which can trace its roots back to 1885 and the iconic Grace Brothers retail and home services empire, is now looking to take leadership in the sustainability stakes through eco-friendly practices within the removals sector.

With the Foton T5 EV, Grace Removals has access to a proven workhorse, complete with impeccable environmental credentials, matched by the latest safety specifications.

“We are incredibly proud to be at the forefront of this exciting transition,” says Craig Page, Managing Director of the Grace Group of Companies.

“Our new electric truck represents a significant milestone in our ongoing journey towards sustainable operations.

“It’s more than just a new vehicle; it’s our commitment to our clients and the planet.”

The arrival of the first electric removal truck marks the beginning of Grace’s comprehensive plan to introduce electric trucks and small vans, complemented by high-capacity solar-generated charging infrastructure across all its Australian capital city branch locations within the next two years.

Grace Removals’ transition to electric vehicles aligns with the global trend towards sustainable transportation, with the electric truck market projected to expand to 2.8 million units by 2030, according to the Global Electric Vehicle Outlook 2022.

Set for use in the busy Sydney metropolitan area, the Foton T5 EV is perfectly suited to the rigours of stop-start urban deliveries.

“We congratulate Grace Removals on taking leadership in the sustainability race through the delivery of their first all-electric Foton T5 EV,” said Bill Gillespie, Foton Mobility Distribution’s General Manager of Light Duty Vehicles.

“Companies across the country are quickly coming to the realisation that sustainable solutions are ready to deploy now, and they not only contribute to improving an organisation’s carbon footprint, but they also stack up financially from day one.

“With the price of diesel continuing to rise, for companies like Grace who are combining all-electric transport with base solar, it simply makes a lot of sense.

“Through Foton, Australia now has access to the worldwide leader in EV trucks, that are tough, dependable, and completely fit for purpose.”

The Foton T5 EV comes as standard with a fully loaded range of 180km, with the supported DC fast charging seeing the drive batteries replenished in only 1.5 hours, or 7.2 hours for overnight charging via the onboard 11kW AC system.

The model can be deployed for a wide range of final applications and is available with a rated GVM of 4,500kg for car licence operation, or 6,000kg for light rigid licenced drivers.

From a safety standpoint, the model comes as standard with a Low-Speed Pedestrian Warning System through to the full suite of electronic braking and stability support, dual SRS airbags, reversing radar, buzzer and more.

Foton Mobility Distribution is the wholly Australian-owned local Distributor of Foton Global zero-emission products, with a nationwide dealer network from Cairns to Perth, with local parts and service teams located nationwide.

The Foton T5 EV comes with a 5-year/200,000km vehicle warranty, and an 8-year/300,000km traction battery warranty, with 24/7 roadside assistance provided by industry leader NTI Truck Assist.

About Foton Mobility Distribution

Headquartered in Sydney, Foton Mobility Distribution is the wholly Australian-owned local Distributor of Foton Global zero-emission products. Foton EV also boasts a nationwide EV dealer network from Cairns to Perth and an extensive dedicated service and parts support team in your local area. For further details, visit

About Grace Removals

With more than 38,000 moves each year, Grace Removals is Australia’s largest removalist, with more than 30 branches operating in every state and territory. Grace has continued to provide generations of Australian households and businesses with high-quality moving services across Australia and overseas for over 100 years.  For more information about Grace Removals and its sustainability initiatives, visit


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