Green Friday – the movement on a mission to turn the internet green –  is set to launch its Buy Better week for the third year running, with a singular mission: to pave the way to a greener future by empowering consumers with sustainable choices. Under the helm of new CEO, retail veteran Melissa Drennan, the innovative platform is facilitating the growth of environmentally responsible brands, bringing together a community of like-minded consumers and brands who jointly want to do better.

Hundreds of brands are set to join the Green Friday Buy Better 2023 week, which is an online shopping event which will turn the internet green from the 27th October to 3rd November 2023. Since its soft launch in 2021, Green Friday has attracted 260+ brands into the Buy Better movement.

Much more than just a week-long event, Green Friday’s aim is to disrupt retail consumerism on behalf of the planet, encouraging Australians to buy better, with consideration and mindfulness. The platform helps retail brands with a sustainability focus and showcase their commitment to a better future for our planet, highlighting their sustainable products and services and communicating their efforts to make a positive impact, while also providing brands with a means to fulfil their ESG objectives. Some brands who previously participated in Green Friday have seen sales increases of 75%, conversions at checkout increase by 35% and average order value grow by 5%.

Green Friday’s new CEO, Melissa Drennan, says, “We’re so excited to launch Green Friday’s Buy Better week for a third year, because it’s much more than a week-long shopping event – it’s an ongoing movement. According to a Couriers Please independent report, 85% of consumers want retailers and brands to be more transparent about the sustainability of their products. At Green Friday, we know that educating consumers on a brand’s sustainability commitment extends way beyond a singular event – it’s ongoing. We’re passionate about spotlighting and supporting brands that are operating within the sustainability, re-commerce and circular economy space, so they can engage conscious consumers for the long term.”

She continues, “The retail industry has found itself in a tricky spot with a very true issue around greenwashing, and sadly also an increase in greenhushing, where brands trying to make a change are worried about sharing their progress. It shouldn’t be this way. At Green Friday, our vision is to help change this narrative by enabling brands who are doing good for the planet to share their sustainability journey and ESG commitments with a targeted audience. Some brands might think that they have to have all of their sustainability goals mapped out, and that can be intimidating. We want them to know that it’s progress over perfection. A small change made by a large group has a bigger positive impact than a big change only made by a few. That’s why we’re calling on retailers to get involved this year, and be part of the movement.”

Critical for many brands is building long-lasting relationships with their audience. With Green Friday’s platform, consumers are directed to the brand’s website to check out, therefore allowing the brand to maintain control over the customer experience and engage further with the audience. Some brands have seen an increase in Instagram reach of 25% since joining Green Friday. Moreover, 72% of consumers who visit Green Friday navigate to the onsite brand pages to discover and educate themselves, providing ample opportunities for brands to share their story.

Pottery for the Planet’s Marketing Manager, Andre Ali said “We discovered that Green Friday has the potential to educate and inspire shoppers to choose environmentally friendly and reusable options when shopping. Green Friday has managed to pull together a variety of brands that promote sustainability, and these environmental brands together create a massive impact on consumer behaviour.”

Green Friday is not only connecting brands to eco-conscious consumers but through their brand portal, to sustainability-focused solution providers across the full e-commerce ecosystem, including but not limited to Mateship, Cassava Bags Australia, Klean and Humii.

This event will see Green Friday extend into Rental, Financial Service, Travel and Utility sectors, further expanding the support it provides for both brands and consumers in making more conscious choices.

For more information about Green Friday and how to get involved visit

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