Grill’d announces a major initiative to promote sustainability in their burger offerings

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In January 2023, burger restaurant chain Grill’d introduced the Gamechanger, using grass-fed beef patties made from cows that produce up to two-thirds fewer methane emissions than regular cattle. The Gamechanger burger is the world’s 1st all-natural sustainable beef burger.

As part of phase 2, from 7th May 2024, seven Grill’d restaurants nationwide will exclusively offer 100% Gamechanger beef, so customers can now make sustainable choices with every burger they order.

In this phase, seven restaurants will sell Gamechanger Methane Reduced Beef at the price of a standard beef patty.

The Gamechanger program includes participating restaurants in Byron Bay, Southbank in Brisbane, and Hawthorn in Melbourne; Claremont Quarter in Western Australia; Canberra Centre in ACT; Marion Shopping Centre in South Australia; and World Square in Sydney, New South Wales.

Grill’d’s Founder and Managing Director, Simon Crowe

Grill’d’s Founder and Managing Director, Simon Crowe, stated that this is the result of the company’s efforts to grow Gamechanger beef supply, meet our customer’s specific market needs for more sustainability and lead the way in the industry to combat climate change. This will increase Gamechanger supply by up to 50%.

In Phase 1, Grill’d gave customers the option to add Gamechanger Beef to their burgers for an additional $1. This was done to encourage them to make more sustainable choices due to the extra costs associated with cattle farming and the production of GameChanger beef.

“We will now offer Gamechanger Beef at the same price as our normal beef. We will cover the extra cost of the patty, so there is no price expectation on the consumer. This achievement marks a significant milestone in the project’s progress and has been received positively,” said Crowe.

The Gamechanger is a beef burger made from meat sourced from grass-fed black Angus cattle. It is a collaboration between Grill’d and Sea Forest, validated by the University of New England, NSW.

Sea Forest is an environmental technology company based in Tasmania, Australia, and is the first in the world to cultivate seaweed on a commercial scale.

Founded by Sam Elsom and Stephen Turner in 2018, Sea Forest is creating a solution to climate change through sustainable seaweed farming. It feeds its novel seaweed pellets to cattle and sheep to virtually eliminate methane emissions from livestock production.

At the heart of this innovation is Asparagopsis, a genus of edible red algae native to the pristine waters of Tasmania, Australia. Asparagopsis contains compounds that inhibit methane production in livestock, thereby significantly reducing emissions.

Sam Elsom from Sea Forrest said, “Grill’d’s collaboration with Sea Forest has enabled the cultivation of Asparagopsis-enriched feed pellets, leading to substantial reductions in methane emissions during cattle farming.”

Gamechanger is one part of Grill’d’s dedication to respecting natural resources, promoting animal welfare, and fostering a more sustainable future. Grill’d will continue to lead the way in sustainable dining practices, embodying its ethos of living healthy, naturally, and sustainably,” said Crowe.


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