Here’s to the women 

Who gave me nothin’

A peck on the cheek 

And a lifeless hug

Sayin’ “We must do this again”

Like I’m some brainless mug

Out on a limb

They know I can’t swim

And so I drift

And drift

Until the next one comes along

To give me nothin’

In exchange for a song

Leavin’ me to wonder 

Where I’m goin’ wrong

Here’s to the women

Who gave me nothin’

One hand in my pocket

And one on my heart

Promising this is goin’ somewhere 

But always playin’ a part

Out in the rain

I’m goin’ insane

Floatin’ downstream 

To who knows where

I might find somethin’

Or nothin’ at all

Or a wonderland of feelin’

Where tides rise and fall

Here’s to the women 

Who gave me nothin’

Who say they want love

But just crave attention

Sayin’ “Don’t call me, I’ll call you

One day when I’m on the pension”

(c) Frank Howson 2020

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