How Much Does it Cost to Send An Australian Girl to School?


Most of the world’s governments are still grappling with the high cost of education. Even in countries where the tuition is free, their citizens usually shoulder the expenses in the form of sky-high taxes. Australia is not exempted from this trend.

Low-income families could not even afford three square meals a day or a roof over their heads. As a result, education is last in the list of priorities as basic necessities hold dominion over others.  Fortunately, there are girls scholarships online that help lift deserving students from poverty.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, girls perform better in schools compared to boys in both reading and writing. They are also likely to proceed to the university more than their male counterparts.

However, education in Australia is still heavily dependent on government subsidy, with more than 6 in 10 students enrolled in state schools. About 20%, meanwhile, is going to a Catholic school and the rest are in non-sectarian institutions. As of 2019, there were nearly four million students in more than 9,000 schools.

How Much Do Families Spend in Education?

To answer the question, the Australian Scholarships Group (ASG) ran a study, which gave a glimpse into the cost of sending a student to a state school, Catholic, or independent institutions.

According to the study, private education would require nearly $500,000 from families. The figures already factored in clothing, transport, and other school expenses.

In comparison, they only need to spend $60,000 in a government school. It is no longer surprising why more than 60% of Australian families opt to send their kids to a public institution.

For instance, in metro areas, a public high school may cost $4,455 each year. If they enrol in a Catholic school, the figure will triple to more than $12,000 per year. When they go to independent institutions, they can expect to pay nearly $23,000 per year. Elite schools, meanwhile, will charge more than $30,000 per year.

Giving a Chance at Life

According to the survey, more than 6 in 10 Aussies believe that a significant number of students do not have access to education on account of poverty. Meanwhile, 3 in 4 think that poor kids should also receive other types of assistance, such as clothing, meals, and transportation.

Giving poor students a chance will yield returns when they become productive members of society later on. Children from impoverished families have a higher motivation to change their circumstances. A research conducted in Singapore confirmed this assumption, concluding that poor students generally do well academically even with all the hurdles thrown at them.

However, motivation alone does not improve their situation, it is for this reason that the community exists. You can do something to change someone’s life by supporting foundations offering girls scholarships online.

For example, instead of the family needing more than $4,000 to send a girl to a public school, each Australian only has to donate $17.50 a month.  The amount is less than two Big Mac meals in Maccas, and you can already help one girl get a chance to lift her life from poverty.

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