How Oral Health affects the Immunity System?

oral healthh
oral healthh

Scientists are continuously searching more about oral health and its connection with the immune system. Oral health affects your overall health because of bacteria naturally present in your mouth. The mouth has thousands of different species of bacteria and they increase in the warm moist environment.

However, some species of bacteria might be harmful and if you are not regularly removed it then it will grow out of control. You should remove bacteria by flossing and brushing otherwise it causes gum disease and tooth decay. Due to bad oral health, people face many problems and a weak immune system is one of them. Professional dentist Penrith always suggests you keep your oral health strong by using the right toothpaste in the right direction.

Many people do not know how important oral health is how it affects your health. Bacteria cause inflammation that cause gum bleeding, and maybe bacteria enter into your bloodstream. Apart from the immunity system, bad oral health affects overall health. In this article, you will know how oral health is important.

Better oral health, better immune system

Everyone wants good oral health and good immunity but very few people take care of their health. So if you want to have good immunity and oral health then you should start by taking care of your mouth. Keeping better care of your mouth involves many parts.

The first thing that you should do for better oral health is that eat better to stay healthier overall. A proper diet full of all important nutrients will definitely help you decrease chronic conditions and diseases. If you take a healthy diet that has low in sugar then your mouth will create less decay-causing plaque. Plaque is a bacteria’s byproduct in your mouth and sugar in your drinks and foods. The plaque is lead to tooth gum and decay disease.

If you have gum disease currently or are susceptible to it then you can decrease several of your health symptoms by flossing and brushing more. The emergency dentist Penrith suggests brushing at least 2 times in a day and flossing 1 to 2 times. If you have diabetes and autoimmune disease then you should brush more than 2 times a day. Moreover, to keep your oral health better you need to visit the dentist at least 2 times a year. When you visit the dentist clinic then they check your oral health that helps to boost the immune system. Good oral health can boost the immune system.

What is the connection between the immune system and oral health?

There is a strong connection between immunity and oral health and dentist want to find more connections. If you don’t care about your mouth then the bacteria in your mouth can affect several systems in your body including dementia, heart disease, diabetic disease, and lung conditions. Today you are going to know the connection between oral and overall health.

Starts with bacteria

Many problems with your oral health start with bacteria. Your mouth is the right place and perfect environment for bacteria’s colony to increase because it is warm, moist, and has a lot of nutrients for bacteria to eat. Food particle, which left in your mouth, can boost bacteria that are the reason dentists Penrith suggest brush and floss daily to control bacteria growth.

When bacteria grow in a high amount, they can cause both tooth decay and periodontal. In the condition when bacteria increase, bacteria move into your body parts.

Effects of inflammation

If you do not take care of your teeth properly or see the dentist on time then you have a bacterial infection. These bacteria get into the bloodstream from your mouth and place where teeth are damaged. When the bacteria enter into the bloodstream then the immune system of your body is getting off and C – reactive protein is released from the liver. CRP is a content that is released whenever there is less inflammation. When CRP release in fewer amounts then it doesn’t harm but in the high amount it can set off a chain reaction that causes other health condition.

Heart health

Contained a high amount of CRP in the bloodstream can increase the risk of a heart attack. If CRP stays in your system for a long time then it responsible for stiffening and clotting of the arteries.

To boost your immune system you should visit an emergency dentist Penrith at least 2 times and follow all instructions.

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