How to Choose Quality Handling Equipment When You Shop at Bremco


When it comes to buying handling equipment, quality is the topmost priority. Safety is a massive issue in the workplace, so you need to look for industry-grade tools. When you shop at a hardware factory like Bremco, you will see a wide array of options for your business. Some of the useful equipment that you will find are forklift attachments, crane lifting attachments, and trolleys. To avoid buying based on appearance, here are some of the things you must consider when inspecting these products:

Forklift attachment

Forklift attachment comes in many forms. Some of the commonly used extensions are bin tippers and safety cages.

Bin tipper – Bin tippers are often used to dump a considerable amount of load. Most can carry about 300 kg to 750 kg of content. An industry-grade kind should feature hydraulic lifting power. It will be a steal if the model that you are looking into has an operator guard so that the content that it will be carrying will not spill over.

Safety cages – Safety cages are helpful attachments to forklift if you need to ensure that your workers can work on elevated platforms. When buying this slip-on, you should check how secure it can hold its pins. At a minimum, the cage should be able to carry at least 150 kg of weight. Otherwise, it will not be able to carry your heaviest employee. To get more than what you are paying for, ask the store if they can throw-in freebies like ropes, ladder sleeves, retracting lifelines, web lanyards, and rope guards.

Crane lifting attachment

Cranes are equipped with chains, wire ropes, and hoist ropes to elevate heavy materials from the ground and transport it where it needs to be. If you are planning to buy a crane attachment from Bremco, one of the first things that you have to do is to calculate the weight capacity that your heavy equipment will be carrying. At the very least, your attachment should be able to move around 1000 kg. Highly durable ones can carry up to 5000 kg. You should also factor in the clearance issues you might encounter, such as overhead obstructions.

Consider what you will be transporting when choosing an appendage to your crane. For instance, a vacuum lifter is best if you will be hoisting, transporting, and installing windows or sheets. Meanwhile, a crane jib is perfect if you will be lifting materials with unusual dimensions.


Due to their commonness, trolleys are one of the most overlooked handling equipment. However, they are the most versatile and useful tools around. While they are all functionally similar, what differentiates them are their forms. Flatbeds are the ones that you often see in stores since they are perfect for transporting boxes. Since it is just a simple machine, the only considerations you need are their width and the quality of its brake castors. You can also opt for a piece of foldable equipment for ease in storage.

On the other hand, scissor lifts are the most complicated forms among all the trollies. Since they use multi-tier levelling, you should check out the quality of its handle release and foot pump. If each level is going down smoothly when you press them, then that trolley passes the minimum safety consideration.

Buying equipment like trolleys, crane lifting attachments, and fork lifting attachments are worthy investments. They will make your jobs safer and more efficient. It would help if you are familiar with the safety and industrial standards for each equipment, so you will not be using appearance as a basis for durability.

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