Do you want to Get Rid of Junk Cars lying unused in your garage?

Like others, do you also believe that your old car is nothing but a piece of scrap that has no value? Luckily, you are wrong! This is because we at Metro Car Removal give you top dollar returns for used cars and also offer free removal services for your vehicle, on the date and time that you schedule for pickup.

Our towing trucks are modern and fully equipped to carry just about any size of vehicle or machinery, whether it is your average sedan or a commercial automobile.

If your vehicle is not completely damaged and you want to scrap it, contact us now, because we are legally authorised auto dealers. We can take care of the whole process.

Reasons to choose us, include:

  • Your junk car, van, SUV, or any other vehicle will be collected from your doorstep, absolutely free of cost to you.
  • The whole process is time and money saving.
  • We use the most advanced and well equipped trucks to haul and relocate any over sized automobile.
  • We offer immediate cash on the spot on quick evaluation.

Sell Junk Cars Sydney Wide- Same Day Car Removal

You can get rid of your junk vehicles today. If you are looking for an auto removal company then look no further. Metro Car Removal is a well-known and licensed car removal, wrecker & recycling service provider that offers its facilities Sydney wide.

We accept:

  • Junk Cars
  • Junk Trucks
  • Junk Vans
  • Junk 4wd
  • Junk Ute
  • Junk SUVs
  • Junk Buses

Metro Car Removal offers various services, bringing many advantages to the table for our customers. Our services include:

  • Instant cash on the spot
  • Free car removal for old junk vehicle
  • Free documentation for all junk vans, trucks, buses, 4wds and utes
  • No hidden charges for any service
  • We buy vehicles irrespective of its make, model & age
  • 24/7 timely service

Just give us a call on our number 0422-600-833. You can share your vehicle’s details by filling our online form by clicking on ‘Get a Quote’ on the top right of the page.

After analysing your old vehicle details, our expert customer representative will send you a cash offer that no one else can compete with.

We will come to your location at a time of your choice and convenience to haul your vehicle for free and pay you immediate cash. Our team is available 24 hours a day for your service.

We know disposing of a vehicle is more tiresome than purchasing a new vehicle. This is why our friendly and experienced team member does all the required documentation for you while you relax.

We Offer Various Services:

Damaged Cars, Junk Car Removal, Unwanted Car Removal, Free Car Removals, Scrap Cars, Wrecked Cars, Smashed Cars and Car Wreckage Removal, Car Disposal, Old Car Removal, Salvage Car Removal, Scrap Car Removal, throughout the city. We also offer Cash For Junk Cars in Sydney and its suburbs.

Choose Eco-Friendly Auto Removal Options- Go Green!

If you own a junk car, the best way to make sure you are helping the environment is by selling it to a Car Buyer Company for recycling. This will not only get you some good cash, but you’ll also help in the welfare of the environment.

  • By junking your vehicle you can better utilise your space.
  • Scrapping old vehicles prevents the mining of new metals and other mineral resources by recycling the existing ones. Steel that is recycled from these useless automobiles helps in saving about half a ton of coal.
  • It can reduce the volume of solid waste that leads to landfills.
  • Unwanted cars lying in open areas can become an environmental hazard. Mercury and other heavy chemicals used in the construction of a modern vehicle need to be completely recycled or disposed of. Such practices can ensure it doesn’t harm the welfare of any living being.
  • Selling your junk car for cash brings more money back into the local economy of Australia, by using recycled metals.
  • The best way to remove these junk cars is to recycle them. Recycled spare parts save a buyer’s money as they are sold at much cheaper rates than new ones.
  • Recycling can decrease the harmful pollutants from the auto industries as well as conserve our natural resources.
  • Not just that, the tyres are recycled and can be used as newly produced rubber.

How Much Can I Get For My Junk Car?

Sell Junk Car Sydney Wide today to Metro Car Removal and earn instant dollars on the spot up to $7000. We will make sure that you get the most from that malfunctioned or defective vehicle. We make quick cash payments. Our truck drivers will come to the location of your choice to pick up your vehicle without having you worry about anything.

Our trained team will take care of all the required paperwork for you. We also buy automobiles that lack a title or registration. Our method is easy and quick, and we can take your vehicle on the same day without charging a single penny.

Contact Us Today!

Contact Metro Car Removal to give you the best price for your junk and old vehicles.

  • Our phone number: 0422-600-833
  • Our email address:
  • You can also fill out our ‘Get a Quick Cash Quote’ form located right above this page.
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