How to Make Your Living Room Stand Out

max vakhtbovych
max vakhtbovych

For every homeowner or renter, the living room is where they can show off their unique style and an opportunity to impress guests. The easiest way to create an impressive living room is to add a few daring accents and accessories that will attract looks and keep everyone talking for days. Need some ideas to get your creative juices flowing? Here’s how to make your living room stand out in the best way possible:

Create a statement wall

Let’s start with the walls—these are easy to turn into eye-catching and unique details in any space. For instance, you can take one wall in your living room and paint it a bold and bright color. Or you can consider cladding your statement wall with wood or brick. If you’re renting the space and can’t make any big and permanent changes to the décor, go online and look for peel-off wallpapers. These come in very unique, chic and quirky patterns and colors, so you can really show off your personality. And when you get bored of the look, just peel it off and try something new.

Invest in textures

You might think that no one pays attention to textures, but they naturally impress humans, so make sure to mix them and create a space that’s as interesting as possible. Think a fluffy rug, a chunky knitted throw, furry pillows, natural wood floating shelves, etc. Even if you want to maintain a very monochrome and minimalist aesthetic, textures will break the monotony and turn your space from sterile to star-like.

Find a perfect piece of furniture

piece of furniture

If you have an empty corner in your living room, bless it with a piece of furniture that will leave everyone breathless. Or you can ditch your boring bar stools and invest in something that will leave a statement. And don’t think you need to spend $5000 on an original Eames chair. No, just look up cheap furniture online and choose something in your price range that will still leave a lasting impression. One of the best things to invest in is new bar stools with a mixed-material design. A beautiful beechwood frame and leather padded seat will make every brunch memorable

Statement lighting

Here’s a timeless statement look—a pair of large, statuesque lamps that create a very symmetrical look. Even if you have a limited budget and time to put together a presentable space, these will come to your rescue. Lamps make any space look grand, plus, having layered lighting will allow you to control the ambience and change the entire look and feel of your space. If you prefer natural lighting, consider adding large windows or even skylights to your living room. These will make your space look airy, large and bright and give you your spot under the sun.

Become a collector

If you want to add some fun to your living room, consider displaying your weird collection (or starting one). This technique allows you to show off your personality and display all your life’s adventures and experiences. It’s guaranteed that your living room will be one of a kind with a collection display.

Go big with art

big with art

Sure, every room deserves a piece of art, but especially the living room. With art, you have a way to boldly state who you are and what you like. And don’t feel like you have to be reserved. You can certainly liven up the space with a single painting, but you can also go enormous with the canvas or create an entire gallery wall. If you’re worried about the cost of your art, you can stop. It’s easy to find beautiful art at debut art exhibits, online or at thrift shops or flea markets. Who knows, maybe you end up with a multi-million piece on your walls!

All of these ideas hit like crazy yet won’t damage your wallet too much. From simple lamps to more complicated skylight solutions, no matter your budget and your design freedom, you can always add charisma and uniqueness to your living room.

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