How to measure your size for suiting?

mens suit
mens suit

I know a lot of people who buy clothes online and are satisfied. Online shopping saves them time, is convenient, affordable and pleases with a variety of choices. A detailed description of the product, real photos and measurements of the product on request, precisely drawn up dimensional grids – choosing clothes without trying on does not seem so scary and doubtful anymore.

How to know the size of clothes so that you don’t have to return, exchange, take in the thing or donate it to someone? What measurements need to be made and nuances taken into account in order to choose the right clothes?

Get all the answers to this question by reading the rest of the article.

Preparation for measurements

To take measurements and accurately determine your clothing size, you will need a measuring tape, a flat floor, a wall, a pen with paper and someone else’s help to measure.

When measuring, remember:

  • The centimeter should fit snugly to the body, but not be too tight or loose.
  • When taking horizontal measurements, the tape should go strictly parallel to the floor, and when taking vertical measurements – perpendicularly.
  • Make sure that the centimeter tape is not twisted during measurements.
  • The measurements are taken in your natural posture while standing with your hands.
  • It is better to take measurements on an exhale, in tight clothes or in underwear.
  • Women are advised to wear the bra they wear most often.

What to measure

To determine what size to buy men’s or women’s clothing, firstly you need to measure three main indicators:

  • Chest girth. Measured horizontally through the most protruding points of the chest.
  • Waist circumference. The measurement line runs along the narrowest circumference of the figure around the body, approximately at the level of the navel or higher by 1-2 cm.
  • Measured horizontally in the widest part of the hips at the most prominent points of the buttocks.

Record the results.

An important rule: when determining the size of female and male things by your standards, consider the increase in free fit – 2-3 cm for clothes and 1 cm for the collar of shirts.

If you carefully and scrupulously approach the purchase tailored suits online and still doubt whether the product model is suitable for you, whether it fits the figure, whether it will press under the arms, in the shoulders, very long or short in height, take additional measurements. So you guess as accurately as possible with the size.

The auxiliary parameters

  • Neck circumference. According to this indicator, the size of the shirts is selected. Measured through the base of the neck behind and above the jugular cavity in front.
  • The width of the chest is measured horizontally, 2-3 cm above the front corners of the armpits.
  • The width of the back is measured horizontally along the back between the rear corners of the armpits.
  • The girth of the hand. Relax your arm and measure your biceps circumference at its widest point.
  • The girth of the hand is measured by the wrist joint.
  • Thigh circumference – the upper circumference of one leg in the widest place.
  • The length of the inner seam of the pants is measured from the crotch to the bottom of the trousers.
  • Take off your shoes, turn your back against the wall, touching your heels and shoulder blades, draw a horizontal line from the top of the head to the wall and fix the mark with a pencil. Record the length from the top to the floor.

Check clothing size tables

If you do not order to sew clothes, but buying the finished product online without trying on, focus on dimensional grids matching the sizes that the manufacturer gives.

Mass tailoring of children’s, women’s or men’s clothing cannot be individual, but all manufacturers, in order not to wreak havoc, adhere to generally accepted standards developed by specialists on average body parameters, height, weight (in different countries).

If your parameters are between two sizes, we recommend choosing a larger size. The clothing of domestic brands is sewn according to generally accepted state standards of each country, and the size of each product is marked in accordance with the scale of measurements of the figure of a person.

How to know the size of the jeans?

Do you buy jeans for yourself online? First, measure your waist circumference and height. And secondly – choose the right model and fit jeans for your type of figure. By default, jeans have two readings: Waist (W) and Length (L).

How to determine the size of children’s clothing?

Clothing sizes for children are selected according to the same principles and criteria as for adults. The only difference is that in children under 2 years of age, all measurements are taken in the supine position, and if the child’s physique does not go beyond the standard, you can neglect the basic measurements and focus on height or age. Remember, when you buy bodysuits for babies, how often did you measure your chest or waist circumference? A dimensional grid of children’s things will help with choosing the right size.

Following this guide will tell you a few ways to get your toddler to dress peacefully:

How to find out the size of underwear?

With men’s underwear, everything is much simpler than with women’s. The dimensional grid of men’s underpants is composed according to two parameters: height and weight, or height and waist circumference, depending on the manufacturer.

However, when choosing a bra, it is important to consider not only the size but also the shape of the breast. Choose women’s underwear patiently so that it fits perfectly and emphasizes all the advantages.

Determination of the size of trousers and a jacket

Men’s suit is a set of trousers and a jacket. If you have a non-standard figure, then you can determine without fitting if your pants are suitable or if your jacket will fit. The size of the pants determines the circumference of the hips. If you have your hips of 100 cm, then the trouser belt should not be less than 50 cm on one side of the product.

The jacket can also be measured along the chest line and get a half measure of the chest circumference. If it matches your value, then with a jacket you can go to the fitting room. Often, the factory size of a jacket by such a parameter as completeness does not match the size of the trousers, individual measurements are useful here, which will give a more accurate picture and help with the choice.


In the context of the development of distance online trading, more and more various goods are ordered from manufacturers’ websites with mail delivery, one of the most problematic is the purchase of clothing. The fact is that many manufacturers of tourist, hunting and military-patriotic clothes design and manufacture their products completely ignoring state and departmental standards, and this leads to suits marked on the same size as the 50th size of one manufacturer and suitable for the same person 54th of another. It is extremely disappointing, after choosing and waiting for delivery of a thing, to find out when trying on that it either does not fit or hangs. It is better to learn how to measure your suit size so you can order it more effectively.

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