Hugo Race and Michelangelo Russo – Gemini 4 – Swamplands

Gemini 4 1
Gemini 4 1

Gemini 4 is the latest project from Hugo and Michelangelo Russo. Their electronic take on the blues, “John Lee Hooker’s World Today”, evaporated critics and audiences in 2017, merging the blues master’s legacy with a psychedelic and hypnotic atmosphere, expanding the sonic space and shifting towards a more electronic horizon.

In Gemini 4, co-collaborating with Julitha Ryan and Andrew ‘Idge’ Hehir, they have reached that horizon, experimenting beyond limits in a zodiac-flavored brew of instrumental electronica somewhere between soundtrack and chillout. Limited edition CD gatefold, get it now!!!!

The Gemini 4 CD album releases in Europe on Gusstaff Records, January 25th 2019 –

Through Bandcamp:

Worldwide digital release through MGM: 

Hugo and Michelangelo Russo perform live at  Swamplands

Melbourne, Saturday Feb 2nd 2019. Race and Russo played some 70 shows worldwide in the last 12 months from Brisbane to Barcelona to Budapest, drawing on material from their critically acclaimed  “John Lee Hooker’s World Today”, and from Hugo’s recent albums with Fatalists and True Spirit. 

From 9pm @ Swamplands: 744 High St, Thornbury, Tel: 0439 383 578 

Gemini 4 will also be available on CD from the Online Store at
along with most of Hugo’s recent albums across all projects!

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