Is Concrete Furniture a Good Idea for My Home?

Is Concrete Furniture a Good Idea for My Home
Is Concrete Furniture a Good Idea for My Home

Have you recently been thinking about giving a bit of a refresh and an update to your living space? Have you walked into different rooms and spaces of your home and just not been able to help yourself from thinking that it could look so much better? It’s a pretty normal feeling shared by many homeowners here in Australia.

Many people living in Australian suburbs, including those in Victoria, are blessed with large homes with plenty of space. Filling that space with sufficiently large and sturdy furniture can be a challenge. Some have turned to custom concrete furniture solutions in Melbourne to add a greater sense of grandeur to their home…but is that the right way to go for you?

Here are some things to consider before getting concrete furniture for your home

1. Budget

Concrete furniture and decoration is stunning, and adds a real sense of magnificence to any room, common space, or outdoor space in which it is used, but it is not usually very budget-friendly. If you are trying to renovate on a budget, your options for concrete furniture and decorative items like concrete wall panels might be more limited.

Never hear, however, because if you really want some concrete elements in your home, you can still put them in more subtly and still enjoy the effect. For instance, you might invest in concrete tapware for your bathroom. This is an elegant and affordable way to add a new dimension of style to your home.

2. Space

One of the reasons that concrete furniture isn’t the most budget-friendly option is that it often is very bulky and space-consuming. It looks better in larger, more open rooms, which is why those with larger houses tend to use it more than those in apartments or with smaller spaces. A common way that living rooms integrate concrete, for instance, is through the installation of concrete panelling around a fireplace, or perhaps on a single wall to create contrast.

Another popular indoor space for concrete is the bathroom, where concrete bathtubs, vanities, sideboards and more can be installed to create a more unified stone-look theme throughout the whole room. Rather than having tiling and linoleum of different colours, people instead look to create a room that feels like a single, carved out natural space.

3. The Need to Move Furniture

Let’s not forget, concrete is heavy. Items made of concrete are invariably heavy, and so those who are in a space where they frequently need to move furniture around because they like to entertain friends and family won’t find it an ideal choice. Nobody loves the idea of trying to move a concrete dining table off to the side of the room to make way for a dance floor!

4. Outdoor Spaces

If your home has a lot of outdoor space, then concrete is an excellent choice. Though it’s porous and far from naturally waterproof, it is easily coated with waterproof sealants to make an excellent weatherproof addition to your outdoor furniture set, not to mention decorative items for your garden. If you have large outdoor spaces to fill up, then concrete items usually carry the right level of gravitas and elegance to match the size of that space.

5. Decor and Style

Finally, you need to study the rest of your home decor and style to determine whether or not concrete items would be a good match for that space. If, for instance, you make use of a lot of raw, earthy tones in your home, with bold, block colours, and big, open wall and floor spaces, then concrete will integrate very nicely. If you prefer more intricate, delicate patterns and ornate designs, concrete may not fit in well, but some smaller more decorative concrete features could.


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