It’s Time to Step Out and Look Up: The Annual Aussie Bird Count is Here!

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Spotted a brush-turkey’s poking around in your backyard? Heard a kookaburra laughing at you?  Seen our new celebrity bird of the year the Swift Parrot flapping around? Now it’s time to celebrate our feathered friends by participating in the Aussie Bird Count.

  • This year, the challenge is on for Aussies to set a new record and count more than five million birds.
  • By spending just 20 minutes in nature, Aussies can help BirdLife Australia uncover new insights to protect native birdlife.
  • BirdLife is calling on all Australians to join the Aussie Bird Count, from October 16 to 22 2023, to help collect data that tracks our native bird populations.

The Aussie Bird Count is our nation’s largest conservation event. It encourages people of all ages, from all walks of life, to step outdoors or to their windows and count bird sightings within a 20-minute period. This simple, fun activity allows participants to reconnect with nature while making a meaningful contribution to conservation efforts.

This year celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Aussie Bird Count, BirdLife Australia is proud to be the voice for Australia’s birds for over a century. The bird count serves as an accessible means for people of all ages to participate in our country’s conservation efforts by encouraging everyone to spend 20 minutes reconnecting with nature and counting their local birds.

During the past 10 years, annual data collected during the Aussie Bird Count has provided BirdLife Australia with valuable insights into the state of our native birds across the country.

“Participation in this year’s Count will enable bird experts to understand more about state-based trends, identify if these trends are continuing for declining species, and help us determine the reasons for the declines,” says Sean Dooley, National Public Affairs Manager for BirdLife.

Taking a count at the same time each year allows BirdLife Australia to access a snapshot of how Australian birds are faring, helping identify trends over time and gauging the overall health of the environment, with birds serving as a barometer of nature.

Sean Dooley emphasised, “We’d love to see Aussies of all ages from each and every state and territory get involved. The more people we have counting throughout the week, the more data we have to learn more about how parrots are faring and to help protect them for future generations.”

The annual count seeks to assess the long-term impacts of environmental and human-made threats on native birds, encompassing concerns such as increased mortality rates, heightened vulnerability to predators, and the disruption of their natural habitats.

The critically endangered swift parrot has been chosen as the 2023 Australian Bird of the Year, voted by Australians who recognised the urgent need to protect the habitat of the world’s fastest parrot. Researchers at the Australian National University have found that the species is in a perilous decline, with the population set to dwindle to fewer than 100 individuals by 2031, unless significant conservation efforts are put in place. Native forest logging poses a clear and distinct threat to the swift parrot’s survival.

Participants in the Aussie Bird Count contribute to preparing for future risks and support the implementation of proactive measures aimed at safeguarding and rejuvenating Australia’s distinctive birdlife. It underscores the tangible impact it has on the conservation of our avian species and underscores the significant role these birds play in Australian culture, history, and ultimately, our survival.

So, step outdoors, and join the Annual Aussie Bird Count from October 16 to 21 2023. Let’s come together as a nation to protect our native birds and ensure they continue to brighten our skies and enrich our lives.

There are even some great prizes to be won. Sign up for the count at

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