Jim Penman secedes from Victoria: Formally launches Jimland


Iconic businessman and founder of the Jim’s Group, the largest and most successful franchise group in the country, has formally announced that he has seceded from Victoria and the Commonwealth of Australia to form his own micronation ‘Jimland’.
JimLandStampLS 3
Jim Penman and his business own large parcels of land in Victoria which include his residence and the head office of the Jim’s Group. 
“I have had enough of the Andrews Government.   They needlessly subjected thousands of people to one of the harshest and longest lockdowns in the world, sending people into bankruptcy and destroying many lives,” Penman said. 
“We have been trying to seek compensation for decent people who had their lives ruined and the Andrews Government has been fighting against releasing documents and providing decent compensation to help put food on people’s tables. 
“The Andrews Government is in direct conflict with the Constitution.   Our right to secede has been confirmed by a top constitutional lawyer.
“We have created our own currency, flag, stamps and passport.”
It has also been proclaimed that the ruling sovereign of Jimland will be His Royal Highness King Jim the First.   
“Jimland will be applying to rejoin the Commonwealth of Australia as part of the state of Tasmania which has amazing natural beauty, a cool and embracing climate and a government that did not needlessly throw hundreds of thousands of citizens into poverty and destitution during the pandemic,” Penman added. 
“People can apply to become citizens of Jimland.  Simply go to jims.net/jimland.   All revenue from the application process will go to Men’s Shed to support mental health.”
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