Jobs Summit prime opportunity to Unite A Caring Australia

Jobs Summit
Jobs Summit

Uniting Care LogoEquality, fairness and the shared vision of a better future are core objectives in both the Jobs Summit and UnitingCare Australia’s 2022 Federal Election Policy PlatformUniting A Caring Australia.

“In March this year UnitingCare Australia launched an election campaign with three key asks: give aged care workers a pay rise, get stagnant wages moving again, and improve women’s social and economic security with better paid parental leave“, said National Director, Ms Claerwen Little.

“We are thrilled that the Albanese Government has made these issues a core focus of their first 100 days, their first parliamentary sitting weeks, and the landmark Jobs and Skills Summit starting today here in Canberra.

“We know that aged care is in crisis and we need urgent action to address workforce, wages and funding.

“We know that people on low and no incomes, especially the most vulnerable, are struggling with a cost of living crisis, compounded by a decade of stagnant wages. Australians have been robbed of between $270-680 a fortnight in lost income over the last 10 years, according to our analysis. We need to get wages moving again.

“And we know that women still earn less than men, retire with less savings than men, and are the more likely to suffer domestic and family violence.

“Australia needs a national strategy for gender equality that addresses women’s financial, social and economic disadvantage.

“Following the Summit, we will release a paper that puts forward an evidence-based framework for gender and economic equality, leveraging the untapped potential of the care economy.

“We want to thank the Albanese Government for their productive, positive and promising engagement on these vital issues. We look forward to continuing these discussions at the Summit and beyond – and ensuring real, lasting change in Australia”.

UnitingCare Australia has participated in several roundtables leading up to the Summit and Uniting NSW.ACT will attend the two day event.

UnitingCare Australia is one of the most influential and innovative social services organisations in the country, providing more than $5 billion in support to more than 1.4 million Australians every year.

The UnitingCare Network employs 50,000 workers, with a further 30,000 volunteers, across 1,600 sites throughout Australia, making it one of the nation’s largest employers.

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