john howard
john howard

In an interview on Seven’s Sunday Night, John Howard says he was “embarrassed” to decide to go to war in Iraq based on wrong intelligence.

Yes, he said, “embarrassed”. 600,000 people were killed in that war. He attacked and persecuted whistleblowers who kept telling the US, UK and Australian governments the intelligence was wrong or false. Bush, Blair and Howard cherry-picked the data and used it to justify tearing away our civil rights and caused tensions in our community. Cronulla anyone? He, along with Bush and Blair illegally concocted the invasion of Iraq based on a scam. Bin Laden was never there and there were no chemical or nuclear weapons.

Embarrassed?? After leaving the nation a bombed-out the lawless mess, we now ask ourselves why we’re seeing the rise of organisations like ISIL? Really?? Not understanding that is an embarrassment. He’s embarrassed?? Tell that to the tens of thousands of coalition troops and their families devastated by the effects of PTSD, depression, shocking injuries, cancers from nuclear-tipped shells or suicide. Embarrassed?? Tell that to hundreds and thousands of dead Iraqis and the millions who have been displaced including those we turn back to sea or lock up on Nauru and Manus Island. Embarrassed?? Only a 1950’s self-styled child of Menzies can cause this much damage and say whoops. We’re making the same mistakes again people!

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