JOSMEYER Alsace Grand Cru HENGST Gewurztraminer 2000

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This wine has been in temperature controlled storage. I opened this wine in the lockdown of 2020.

I drank it over 3 days so tasting notes may jump a little.

On opening the wine was dark orange in colour with fabulous aromatics, the dense perfume of ripe peaches and flowers sweet perfumed red and white roses.

Then I got it to my lips, WOW. The palate has loads of ripe peach extract almost as thick like a cordial on initial first sip. Then the smell and taste of mandarins and red rose sits mid plate then moves on to that cordial like texture again, that excites with hints of soft spice still lurking on the finish.

The wine opened up a little more over night loosing the perfumed rose notes and the spice a little duller now, moving more toward that wonderful ripe orange peach, by the third day it was still very drinkable although starting to gain an over ripe sweetness and loose a little of its charm.

I opened this wine just hoping it had made the journey.

The Food

Not planning a meal as I was unsure what to expect.

So a soft mild cheese and a fat pork sausage was all I had in the fridge. And the usual crusty bread stick, always in different degrees of freshness so I toasted it lightly. No it was not the perfect food & wine paring but it did work.

If I ever get to open another old bottle of Gewurztraminer I will plan a meal as grand as the wine.

michael lillis
Michael Lillis


The Rot has set in

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