June 21 – Mick Thomas and The Roving Commission

Record Launch  100 %  MEMO Live Stream

memo live stream mick thomas
memo live stream mick thomas

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june 21 – mick thomas and the roving commission

Time to peel off the track suits and ditch the ugg boots – we’re going to play a proper gig! There mightn’t be an audience there but it’ll be on a proper stage, at a proper venue with the full band , and a multi-camera shoot. Mick Thomas & Roving Commission are going to have some special guests and Brian Nankervis is going to MC the whole affair and….it’s a record launch!

The album is called See You On the Other Side – a Postcard From April 2020. All conceived and executed in the time of isolation.

Says Mick: ‘We tossed around the album title quite a bit to perhaps make it more specific to themes of lockdown and isolation but in the end the main thing for me was the songs come from a really concentrated time frame.

Some were still being written while files were being sent between players, while others were being recorded and mixed. To have it released within a couple of months of the whole thing being conceived is one of the most invigorating elements of the whole project’.

And to be playing a proper show, on a stage where someone else is handling the tech is going to be amazing. So, get some friends over, (no more than twenty, mind you), maybe even get on the beers and enjoy what might be as close we get to a proper gig for the next few months.

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