Keateing’s Republic

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Keateing's Republic
This play is “the play we had to have” to revitalise the Republic that Paul Keating envisaged as Prime Minister in 1992.

All the great quotes like “I want to do you slowly” are in there as the play engages in a comic tour de force of Paul Keating and the Republic.The only people who will be allowed into the theatre are those that sign a petition that will be sent to the Prime Minister demanding a Republic.

Paul Keating said of a Republic – “The Liberals don’t want a Republic, because they are too busy tugging the forelock to the British establishment”.

The play will be told with the assistance of Kerry, as he journeys through the life of Paul Keating. It includes quotes from the Liberals of past, like Robert Menzies – “I did but see her passing by but I will love her till I die”. To Keating this was the stuff of the Menzies Torpor where subservience to a hereditary title was more important than a French Republican Clock.

Don’t miss this hilarious and long overdue attempt to create a Republic in this country.

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The MC Showroom
Level 1, 48 Clifton St
PRAHRAN, Victoria

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