Kmart set to give a good feeling, launching its new people and planet campaign

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Kmart Australia will be proudly launching their latest people and planet campaign across Australia and New Zealand, bringing to the forefront the role they play in the areas of sustainability and community. From Sunday 20 August, the campaign will shine a light on some of the responsibilities and commitments Kmart have made within this space, not only today but for well over the last 10-years. You will begin to see these key initiatives being communicated more often, showing up in channels such as Kmart-owned marketing platforms across socials, website and edms, paid media, and within their stores.

These five initiatives form as a conversation introduction with customers; spotlighting the ones that resonate most and are core to Kmart’s brand DNA. The brand has reached some incredible milestones to date yet continue to strive to do better and continue the work. To date the milestones, include:

  • Signing The Bangladesh Accord in 2013, and since being named one of the top 5 most improved retailers in ethical fashion over the past decade by Baptist World Aid
  • Joining the Better Cotton Initiative in 2017 and being the first major Australian retailer to reach 100% sustainably sourced cotton across all own brand products in 2020Being ranked equal first globally in the 2022 Fashion Transparency Index
  • Reaching approval as Cruelty Free under the Leaping Bunny Programme across all own brand beauty products
  • Creating and running the beloved Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal for the last 36 years, among many other community partnerships.
  • Waradgerie artist, Judith Young, to co-develop and launch the Judith Young ǀ Waluwin collection at Kmart
  • First Nations team members represent over 4.5 per cent of our workforce, exceeding parity with the Australian community.
  • The introduction of early initiatives around Quiet Space, which provides low sensory environments for customers to shop in 28 stores, and the commencement of Kmart’s first wheelchair accessible register trial.

John Gualtieri, Chief Executive Officer for Kmart & Target shared, “The sheer size and scale of our business means that we have the privilege of being able to touch so many different people and communities, and we have the opportunity to create greatest change. When we get it right, it makes a real difference, and we are so proud of the progress we’ve made so far across our team members, suppliers, and broader community. We acknowledge there’s still so much for us to do, and we are working hard to ensure that we continue to show up for our customers and make a positive impact.”

Now more than ever people right around the world want to know more about the work being done by retailers to create positive change, and this campaign represents a significant opportunity for Kmart to open the dialogue and better educate their customers on the progress and targets they have set out. Caring for people and reducing their impact on the planet is not a new priority for Kmart, rather one that forms part of their ongoing journey and requires a collaborative approach right across industry.

Rennie Freer, Kmart’s General Manager of Marketing added, “We have the opportunity to tell a story that goes beyond our famous price points. We are honoured to enter a new era for the brand, placing this work being done to date at the forefront of our communication channels and launching new ways of telling this story with our internal Kmart family and customers. This is just the beginning… Watch this space, as we look forward to continuing to share what we’re doing as a brand.”

The next stage of the retailer’s initiatives will see their-own brand cosmetic and personal care products gain an Australian retailer first, reaching approval as Cruelty Free under the Leaping Bunny Programme. More information and interview opportunities with Kmart spokesperson and Michelle Thew, CEO, Cruelty Free International will become available from the middle of September 2023.

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