Know the Basics before Riding a Horse

Horse Riding
Horse Riding

Knowing the basics will help keep you and your horse safe

Horses are majestic animals. Most are friendly, affectionate, and even playful. However, horses are also large animals and can be easily startled.

A stray plastic bag blowing across the trail can spook a horse, sending it into a panicked gallop. Before you start your horse riding lessons in Noosa, it’s a good idea to be familiar with the basics.

Wear the Right Clothing

Before your horse riding lessons on the Sunshine Coast, consider what you are planning to wear. Remember how horses can be easily spooked? What you wear can affect the animal’s level of comfort.

Your clothing also plays a role in your safety. Loose clothing can catch on branches or blow in the horse’s line of vision.

Clothes that are too tight can restrict your movements. Go for shirts with sleeves that button around your wrists. Short-sleeved t-shirts are also fine, but you may end up with scratches on your arms from low-hanging branches.

The same applies to your pants. Wear pants with tapered or fit securely around your ankles. It’s usually best to avoid wearing shorts during your horse riding lessons in Noosa.

Stay Away From Tennis Shoes

Protecting your feet is a must during your horse riding lessons on the Sunshine Coast. Tennis shoes may be comfortable but the thin canvas material will not provide adequate protection.

The same also goes for sandals and other types of open-toed shoes. You always want to wear boots when you are around horses.

Boots can protect your feet if a horse accidentally steps down on your foot. The low heel on the boots also makes it easier to keep your feet securely in the stirrups.

Whether you choose a pair of riding, cowboy, or another type of boot, you will have a safer and more enjoyable riding experience.

Protect Your Head

Even professional horseback riders always wear a helmet in the ring. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, a helmet is a must. Unplanned dismounts can and do occur and you always want to be prepared.

Don’t forget horses are tall animals, meaning you have a good distance to fall when you are unexpectedly thrown off the animal’s back.You can find helmets designed specifically for horseback riding and it’s not necessary to purchase the most expensive one.

The main point to consider is the helmet’s fit. The helmet should fit securely over your head without obstructing your vision.

Don’t Get Distracted

Horses are intelligent animals and occasionally they can be mischievous. They know when their rider is not paying attention.

Some well-trained horses will continue to follow the trail while others may decide to go a different way. Staying alert while riding is crucial for your safety and that of the animal.

Horses can easily become injured when they decide to go off trail. It also increases your risk of an accident.

Once you know the basics, horseback riding can be a fun and even relaxing activity.

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