Koala conservation: revegetation work to bolster habitat in the Sunshine Coast

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Thousands of eucalypts and other native trees restored to Curramore Wildlife Sanctuary

A significant revegetation project comprising thousands of eucalypts and other native trees being planted in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast has been undertaken. The project aims to increase habitat for the endangered Koala at Australian Wildlife Conservancy’s (AWC) Curramore Wildlife Sanctuary (Kabi Kabi country).

Up to 20 staff and skilled workforce interns from AWC and Barung Landcare spent five days planting up to 4,300 seedlings of 10 key Koala food trees and other local species across six hectares of the sanctuary. The sanctuary is located in south-east Queensland, a region which has been extensively cleared for agriculture and urban development. The land designated for reforestation was purchased by AWC in 2022, as part of a 26 hectare expansion of the sanctuary. While the central and western portion of the new section is healthy remnant forest, the eastern portion was utilised by previous owners as a cattle grazing paddock and is now a clear block with introduced pasture grasses.

In the months leading up to tree planting, Barung Landcare germinated and developed seedlings from seeds collected at Curramore Wildlife Sanctuary, such as Koala favourites White Mahogany (Eucalyptus acmeniodes), Flooded Gum (Eucalyptus grandis), and Queensland Blue Gum (Eucalyptus tereticornis). Barung Landcare returned to the sanctuary late last month, to prepare the paddock for the 30 centimetre seedlings by slashing the towering 1.5 metre introduced pasture grasses.

Kate Seehuusen, Barung Landcare Natural Area Manager, said the week of tree planting was a workout for all but well worth the effort.

“This project is a step in the right direction for helping to strengthen our Koala populations and create corridors which will in turn help other local species.”

Andy Howe, AWC Senior Field Ecologist leading the reforestation project, said although revegetation has not been a major part of AWC’s program at Curramore previously, he is confident that the replanting will help improve connectivity of habitat across the sanctuary and regionally.

“This restoration project is designed to increase and connect Koala habitat at Curramore, while also encourage other wildlife, such as bandicoots, gliders and owls, to return to the revegetated area,” said Andy. “In 10 years, we want the restoration area to be starting to resemble the adjacent native forests and become habitat for a diverse community of plants and animals, and not just a monoculture plantation of eucalypts.”

“We’re planting the trees in a patch work manner, with different species in clusters rather than straight lines. Over time, as the wind and birds drop seeds, the forest will develop organically and animals, especially Koalas, will move back into the site.”

The revegetation work is part of a three-year Koala conservation project at AWC’s Curramore Wildlife Sanctuary and Mount Zero-Taravale Wildlife Sanctuary in northwest of Townsville. The project received grant funding from the Australian Government’s Koala Conservation and Protection Grant and includes thermal drone and bioacoustics monitoring to determine the presence and abundance of koalas at both sanctuaries.

For more information on AWC’s work at Curramore Wildlife Sanctuary, click here.

Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) is a global leader in conservation, providing hope to Australia’s wildlife with a science-informed, land management partnership model that delivers high impact results. AWC is a national leader in landscape scale conservation land management, reintroductions of threatened species and the establishment of feral predator-free areas.

Barung Landcare is a leading community organisation working to develop ethical solutions for a sustainable future. The organisation includes a well-established native nursery, diverse education and engagement program, and high-quality bush regeneration services. Barung Landcare is focused on protecting and regenerating the rich diversity of natural resources of the Blackall Range and surrounds.

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