Landmark moment for renewables industry in Australia as global conference comes to Sydney to map zero-emissions future for electricity, industry and fuels


The Australian Solar Thermal Energy Association (AUSTELA) is pleased to announce it is supporting the upcoming SolarPACES conference in Sydney on 10th – 13th October.

Part of the International Energy Agency’s technology network, SolarPACES is an international network of researchers and industry experts for the development and marketing of concentrating solar thermal power (CSP) systems and solar chemistry technologies and has been hosting its annual conference globally for 29 years.

CSP systems convert sunlight into multiple hours of thermal energy storage (TES). This energy is then used at a later time to generate heat or power, which can be dispatched overnight, or at anytime during the day when there is insufficient sun or wind. It was identified by the CSIRO’s Renewable Energy Storage Roadmap as the lowest-cost option for long-duration storage and has multiple use cases beyond utility-scale electricity generation, including powering remote communities and mines and greed fuel production.

The conference recognises Australia’s growing interest in the technology, which is deployed extensively globally, and follows significant investment in CSP projects by the federal government.

The conference will bring together Australian and global experts, policymakers and industry participants to explore how the deployment of CSP can help to decarbonise electricity systems, manufacturing and the shipping and aviation industries.

Speakers include representatives from the companies involved in the latest large CSP deployments in China and the MENA region, United States National Renew Energy Laboratory, other overseas research organisations, governments and representatives from the state and federal governments in Australia, as well as leading global experts in CSP technology and project development.

Wes Stein, Chief Technologist at ASTRI and Chair of SolarPACES conference 2023, said:

“We are excited to be hosting the world’s most prominent CSP conference in Australia for the first time in a decade. Australia is exceptionally well suited to utilise its vast solar reserves to supercharge the renewables industry to power key Australian industries such as mining and green fuels. SolarPACES will be an opportunity for business leaders, investors, and researchers alike to collaborate and innovate, supporting our journey to net-zero.”

Dr Keith Lovegrove, a director of AUSTELA, said:

“Australia is firmly in the sights of the world’s CSP industry, and this conference demonstrates the high level of international interest in developing projects here. Australia’s climate, high levels of DNI and local industry, especially remote mining sites, mean it has the potential to be a CSP superpower and is ideally placed to use the technology to help achieve its emissions reductions targets. The growth of the CSP industry here will deliver a boon to the economy and local job creation.”

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