‘Letters’ Tells Urgent Tale of Bushfire Survival in new film supporting Climate Change Act from Photoplay

letters still
letters still

Photoplay Films has launched the provocative ‘Letters’, a film aiming to raise awareness and mobilise political support for the Climate Change Act.

Directed by Melvin J. Montalban, the campaign film encourages Australians to write to
their local member of parliament urging them to support the new Climate Change Act,
legislation essential to meaningful climate change action.

Part of a wider campaign, ‘Letters’ aims to assist independent MP Zali Steggall in
introducing her Climate Change Bill to parliament this November and launches in
tandem with Global Climate Change Week across social.

Montalban says: “My family and I were on the south coast when the bushfires swept
through last summer. The local community banded together to support us, despite the
desperate situation. From having no power to pump petrol or to buy food at the grocery
checkout, to mobile reception being cut out, and with it access to the fire warning app,
everyone was left to overcome a dangerous situation in a very vulnerable state.

“Haunted by this trip, I wanted to make a film to not only document this experience, but
to also address climate action in a productive and hopeful way, so that we can compel
our politicians to enact change.”

‘letters’ tells urgent tale of bushfire survival in new film supporting climate change act from photoplay

Photoplay executive producer Oliver Lawrance says: “The film was made just before
the world shut down for Covid-19, when bushfires were our most pressing problem, but
the challenge of climate change remains urgent and enduring. Letters aims to harness
people’s desire to do something meaningful, by encouraging them to sign the petition,
write to their MPs and help bring about this very real, achievable goal of an Australian
Climate Change Act.”

MP Zali Steggall adds: “The impacts of climate change represent the greatest threat to
our national security, economy, health and environment. But if we implement an
effective plan now to deliver Net Zero by 2050, we can create a safe and prosperous
future for ourselves and our children. This is an issue that unites everyone across thepolitical divide. People all over Australia are getting involved. Thank you for this
thought-provoking film, highlighting the need for urgent action. Together, we can
make it happen.”

The proposed Climate Act seeks to ensure the long-term safety, security and prosperity
of Australia by achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050. To sign the petition visit:


Campaign Credits:
Writer / Director: Melvin J. Montalban
Producer: Tom Slater
Executive Producer: Oliver Lawrance
DOP: Tania Lambert
Production Designer: Emma White
Casting: Stevie Ray at McGregor Casting
Editor: Matias Bolla
Sound Design: Georgia Collins
VFX: Alexander Pattinson
Post: ARC Edit, Blackbird and Electric Sheep
Composer: Johnny Higgins

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