Listen To Older Voices: Kate Kennedy – Part 1

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listen to older voices: kate kennedy – part 1  This is a Golden Moment repeat program, taken from our Vault of Treasured memories, where we re-present a program we believe is worth repeating because while lockdown has ended, there were still restrictions on visiting and interviewing older people.

Now lockdown has finished, it is anticipated that fresh interviews will commence at the conclusion of this series of interviews with Kate

Welcome to the first part of a 3-part program featuring the Life and Times story of Kate Kennedy.

Everyone has a story to tell, but from time to time it is my good fortune to speak with someone who has a fantastic story and who, can tell it really well.

When interviewed in 2013 Kate was 88 years of age and as you will hear, she knows how to tell her story in a way that is engaging and entertaining.

Born into a loving family in 1925, Kate quickly discovered that as much as she was loved, it was her brothers that her mother really dotted upon, and she had to fit in. Although she never lacked for anything it was the period we now know as the Great Depression and things were tough.

The family lost their home and her father, a musician, lost his job. And so it is that Kate takes us on a journey through that terrible Depression period and into the years of the Second World War.

Entertaining, Informative and reflective – these are three words that will come to mean a lot as you listen to Kate’s story.

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