Listen To Older Voices: Kate Kennedy – Part 2

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listen to older voices: kate kennedy – part 2 

  This is the second of a 3-part program featuring the story of Kate Kennedy.

Kate could be described throughout her life as sharp of mind and she is quick to learn through both observation and experiencing life to its fullest. In this part of her story Kate talks about how she entered the world of publishing which turned out to be, a career she kept for life.

We also learn how she meets Ron Kennedy who was destined to become her husband.

Kate talks openly and freely about her philosophies on life and religion, but, its not all serious as she shares stories about her social life, and her love of social dancing. Kate also shares stories of her family freely and openly.

Some listeners may know of her son – Mark Kennedy, one of Australia’s most talented and best known drummers. Kate, provides us with a snapshot of life as Mark took up his drumming career playing in the top groups such as Spectrum, Doug Parkinson In Focus, Ayers Rock, Men At Work and indeed, he has worked with many other top Australian artists.

Kate gives us a rare insight into how Mark commenced his career and the condition she put on him becoming a drummer, which years later he thanked her for.


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