Listen To Older Voices: Rob Greaves – Part 2

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Welcome to Listen To Older Voices, a program produced by Rob Greaves and podcast through the Toorak Times and Tagg

listen to older voices: rob greaves – part 2
My “angry” years

I’m Rob Greaves and I have been the Producer and host of Listen To Older Voices for the past 18 years. With the program concluding at the end of June i thought I might share some of my story.

This is Part 2 and In this program I reflect on how on going from High School to Swinburne Tech, I decide I wanted to become an Astronomer but was pushed by the school councillor into industrial Chemistry, eventually working as an industrial Chemist.

However, on hearing the first single by the Beatles my life changed and I reflect upon how I formed my first band in 1964, and I also recall the wonderful experiences of that time with the growth of Aussie live music and of the growth of music venues in and around Melbourne.

listen to older voices: rob greaves – part 2
One of my early bands: The Sound circa 1964 – [CLICK to enlarge]

By 1967 I was being tugged strongly and inevitably into the alternative life-style that was developing in and around the inner suburb of Prahran. Oh, I quit my job as an Industrial Chemist.

listen to older voices: rob greaves – part 2
Rob the Industrial Chemist circa 1968 – [CLICK to enlarge]

I share some stories of my year as the Swinburne student newspaper editor and then my story moves into what might loosely be called my “hippy years” and my life in and around the then notorious Greville Street in Prahran.  This period of my life also saw me heavily involved in the anti-Vietnam war movement and I recall how although I was conscripted, I didn’t end up in the army.


listen to older voices: rob greaves – part 2
The front of the Swinburne student newspaper I edited. Myself on my Triumph motorcycle – [CLICK to enlarge]

I talk about how my face became splattered across the newspaper, The Australian, as a result of my participation the Melbourne anti-Vietnam demonstration, in June of 1971.

listen to older voices: rob greaves – part 2
The anti-vietnam war demonstration in Melbourne. My picture on the front page of the Australian – [CLICK to enlarge]

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