Mambo and HoMie have teamed up for an exclusive ‘REBORN’ collection, setting new standards in circular fashion, social responsibility and style.

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  • Iconic Australian brand, Mambo has partnered with local social enterprise HoMie to launch the HoMie X Mambo: REBORN range.

  • With each piece unique, this range is limited edition and likely to sell out. 

  • The exclusive ‘Mambo X HoMie Reborn’ collection is available today from 10 am, online and in-store at HoMie’s flagship store in Fitzroy.

  • This partnership kickstarts the celebration of Mambo’s 40-year legacy, highlighting its impactful, innovative and stylish influence on Australian fashion since the 80s.

In an inspiring fusion of style and social responsibility, Mambo has joined forces with Melbourne-based social enterprise HoMie to launch the exclusive ‘Mambo X HoMie: REBORN’ unisex range.  This collection embodies the best of circular economy principles, with each unique, limited-edition piece merging Mambo’s iconic style with HoMie’s signature REBORN flair.

Committed to supporting fashion, art, grassroots communities and working within the circular economy, Mambo lovingly donated stock to this collaboration, including iconic, limited edition Reg Mombassa designs.

The result, a collection that is nothing short of captivating.

Established as a beacon of Australian lifestyle and culture, Mambo has been at the forefront of the fashion industry for 40 years, renowned for its vibrant designs, irreverent spirit, and deep roots in surf and streetwear. Its commitment to creativity and social impact runs strong even today, cementing the brand’s status as an iconic powerhouse that continuously evolves while staying true to its authentic identity and heritage.

Partnering with Mambo in this landmark collaboration is HoMie, a Melbourne-based streetwear social enterprise focused on supporting young people affected by homelessness or hardship.

Crafted in the heart of Naarm (Melbourne), the ‘Mambo X HoMie: REBORN’ range exemplifies local collaboration at its finest. Manufactured in HoMie’s new upcycling facility, every garment has been reborn from donated stock into special limited pieces.

“As we celebrate an incredible 40 years of  Mambo, this collaboration is a milestone moment for us, marrying Mambo’s heritage of bold creativity with our commitment to making a tangible difference in the community. It’s a fusion of style and social purpose that truly reflects what Mambo stands for today. We’re thrilled to be launching this collaboration, pushing the boundaries of fashion while contributing to a local cause that truly matters.”, Sally Cordukes, Mambo Business Manager for Marketing, Digital, and E-Commerce, shares.

Marcus Crook, HoMie’s Co-Founder and Creative Director, commented, “We are immensely grateful for Mambo’s support and beyond excited to unveil this’ collaboration, which not only showcases innovative design but also ensures that profits directly bolster HoMie’s mission to support individuals affected by homelessness and hardship”. This partnership, he hopes, demonstrates “a powerful example of how fashion can be a force for good, and we’re proud to join forces with Mambo in making a meaningful impact in the community.”

By supporting the ‘Mambo X HoMie: REBORN’ range, consumers can feel confident in supporting a shared ethos that values upcycling, repair and reuse. Crucially, all proceeds from the collection will directly support HoMie’s mission to combat youth homelessness and hardship, reinforcing the partnership’s dedication to creating real and positive change within the local community.

The ‘Mambo X HoMie: REBORN’ collection boasts a curated range of hoodies, t-shirts, and button-up shirts, each uniquely reimagined through a creative blend of colour and design, offering a vibrant second life to each item. The entire range is limited edition and available from 10 am, February 27. Explore the collection via HoMie online or visit in-store at 296 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, Melbourne.


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