Marine Safety SA August 2022 News

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Flood advice and high flows on the River Murray

Local communities and visitors have seen river levels rise on the River Murray recently as the flows from interstate are impacted by rainfall events. The State Emergency Service issued flood advice on the 26th of August that predicted water levels are likely to cause minor flooding in the shack areas between Cadell and Mannum. Shack areas likely to be affected include (but not limited to) Morgan, Brenda Park, Scotts Creek, Walker Flat and Bowhill. Flows into South Australia are likely to exceed 60 GL/Day in two to three weeks time and are expected to remain high for several weeks.

Boating safety

Congratulations to David, one of the lucky lifejacket winners receiving his new lifejacket from Marine Safety Officer Dave (as pictured above)

SA Boating Safety Survey closed 

Thank you to the 663 people who filled in the SA Boating Safety Survey 2022.

Congratulations to David (pictured above) and Wayne who from the eligible survey completions have won the two lifejackets.

Safe operation

This boater crossed too close to the ferry and got caught on the ferry cable

Crossing safely near River Murray ferries

There is the potential to strike ferry cables when operating on the River Murray due to speeding, not crossing at the mid-point of the river and crossing too close to a ferry.

The operator in the small boat pictured above crossed too close to a ferry and got caught on the ferry cables.

Remember to follow these rules to cross safely at River Murray ferry crossings:

Don’t let your flares expire

Check your flares aren’t expired

Flares have an expiry date (generally three years). If you are getting prepared for the upcoming boating season or heading out on your boat, make sure you check your flares haven’t expired.

Check your boat 

Spring boat maintenance

Is your boat ready to go for spring and summer.  Early September is a great time to carry out important boat maintenance. Make sure your boat is seaworthy by following these key steps:

Marine upgrades

Beachport jetty

Upgrades to Beachport and Southend jetties 

Work is being undertaken to upgrade and repair the heritage-listed Beachport and Southend jetties to ensure their long-term structural integrity for all users.

Outer Harbor Boat Ramp

Reminder – upgrade works at Outer Harbor Boat Ramp

Upgrade work at the Outer Harbor Boat Ramp and Bourne Jones Road will continue until early September, weather permitting.

Birkenhead Bridge

Birkenhead Bridge maintenance works

Maintenance work will be undertaken on Birkenhead Bridge, Port Adelaide from Monday 29 August to Friday 2 September 2022, 9am to 4pm each day (weather permitting).



Stay safe on the water

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