Marquees: The Must Have For Any Sports Club


Sports clubs put a lot of effort into creating a positive and rewarding experience for their members. Hours are spent soliciting sponsors and selecting the perfect uniforms. Equipment is researched and selected carefully. Practices and training are planned in advance to optimize performance. But you’re not truly prepared for game day without a marquee.

Outdoor sporting events can feel like a picnic. But unlike a picnic, you can’t go home when it rains or you’ve had enough sun. Bad weather can turn your day upside down, but, thankfully, a marquee can turn those disasters into hiccups.

Even sports clubs that compete indoors can benefit from a marquee. They can be used to promote your sponsors, for holding sign up events, and general team promotion. Thus, take it to the next level with a custom printed marquee.

A Few of the Many Marquee Benefits

Shelter from the Storm or Sun

As mentioned, the weather is a real game-changer for outdoor sports. With too much sun, your team may suffer from dehydration, sunburn, or even heat stroke.  Rain can also lead to damaged equipment and injured players. A marquee can provide your athletes with protection from both the sun and the rain. Although, make sure that the marquee you select has an SPF rating and is waterproof. Some may offer shade, but if it has no SPF protection and not specified as waterproof, it may leak at the seams. 

In addition to protecting your athletes, a marquee can protect your supplies. This includes dry clothes to change into between matches, snacks, drinks, and equipment. A marquee can keep everything ready when you need it the most. The right supplies can help keep your athletes performing at their peak.

A Place to Refresh Between Matches

Game days can be physically and mentally stressful. Having somewhere to rest, hydrate, and refuel between matches can make all the difference. But, in addition to that, it gives athletes a home away from home, an opportunity to let their guard down and truly relax before, after, and in-between games. 

The high visibility of marquees is also an advantage. It’ll help teammates find you in a crowded field and provide a base for everything–from warm ups and lunch to treating injuries. Your athletes will thank you for providing them with a marquee.

A Great Way to Promote Your Club

When it’s not a game day, you can travel with your marquee to community events and use it as a tool to sign up for new players and sponsors. Field days often draw large, diverse crowds. It’s a perfect way to reach people who may be hard to reach in other ways. 

Everyone wants to be a part of the club that looks professional and fun. A custom printed marquee can create and sell that image to potential club members since it’s a high-impact way to say “we’re serious and professional about our sport.”  

Sponsors Love Marquees

Sponsors are an important part of any sports club. They help you with travel fees and to obtain the best equipment for your team. When reaching out to potential sponsors, they want to know what kind of advertising they’ll receive in return for their sponsorship. Uniforms and t-shirts will be offered by most sports clubs. However, make your sports club stand out by offering their logo on a custom printed marquee. 

Point out that a marquee will have greater visibility at game days than shirts because of its size and height. Be prepared to show sponsors a list of where and when your team will be competing. Tell them how many people typically attend your matches. If you use the marquee for sign up events in the community, make sure you tell them about that, too. Show them a picture of custom printed marquee to give them an idea of how great an advertising tool it can be. 

Finally, mention the advertising reach of a marquee. It can be in traditional media photos of the day and on the attendees’ social media in informal photos. This translates into reaching potential customers well beyond the ones who attended the field day. You’ll be sure to attract sponsors when you’re offering so much in return.

What to Look for in a Marquee

Not all pop-up marquees are equal since there are many options including size, materials, and printing. A reputable vendor will be able to discuss your needs and make appropriate recommendations. 

Here are a few things you should think about before calling vendors:

Environmental Considerations

To protect your athletes from the sun, you want a marquee that’s SPF 50+. Protection from rain is equally important. Waterproof materials are a must, but some may let water in through these seams. A truly waterproof marquee uses tape to seal the seams. Fortunately, some vendors will provide you with waterproof tape to seal the seams while offering to replace the tape without any additional cost on an annual basis.  

Marquees are meant to be lightweight and transportable. As such, they need to be carefully secured to ensure safety in high winds. There are many options for safely securing a marquee, including Circulex legs, anchors, and cast-iron leg weights. Out of the three, Circulex legs have a reputation for high strength and stability and are still lightweight enough to be transportable.  

How to Select the Marquee Size

The marquee needs to be large enough for the team. But also consider if they’ll be standing or sitting and how much equipment they’ll have with them. If your club is for youth sports, you may want to consider allowing extra room for parents to assist children with their equipment, uniforms, and snacks. 

Marquees can be created in almost any size. However, larger ones may require more people to set up and transport. Two smaller marquees can be easier to manage than one large one and will still accommodate your team.

Marquee Walls and Canopies

In addition to considering the size of the marquee, also consider marquee options or add-ons. Depending if they have walls or are open to the air, marquees can look quite different. If you need to use the Marquees as a changing area or require a high level of protection from the environment, you should make use of walls. Moreover, half walls are an excellent way to provide more advertising surfaces while still keeping an open feel.  

Walls or half walls can be interchanged for the event or to update sponsors without having to purchase an entirely new marquee. Walls can also offer your team a bit of privacy. Canopies can be added to extend the shelter without adding cost or weight.  

Transportation and Lifespan

A single frame marquee will be simple to set up and take down; it should require no special tools to assemble. Look for a marquee that folds down and has its own storage or carrying bag. This will protect the marquee when it’s in storage between uses, helping extend its life.   

Most marquees come with a guarantee. Custom printed marquees should include a print fade guarantee of two years or more. It’s realistic to expect the marquee to last at least two seasons. There’s a cost and lifespan trade-off. Better quality materials will last longer.

Solid Colour or Custom Printed

Solid colour marquees are readily available and will protect your team and equipment. However, you would be missing out on the chance to advertise your club and sponsors. If your goals for the marquee go beyond protection and into creating a team identity and rewarding your sponsors, you must choose a custom printed marquee. 

Concerned about your artistic ability when it comes to designing a marquee? No worries. Professional suppliers will have an art team that can help you with the required artwork. They may want you to make a deposit in order to engage the art team and have them create a mock-up for you. However, the deposit should end up being applied to the total cost, preventing you from making an expensive mistake.  

Bottom Line

A marquee is a crucial equipment for any sports club. It offers your athletes a place to gather and protection from the elements. It’s also a high impact promotion tool for both the club and sponsors. 

Marquees give a club a professional presence, last years, and are easy to use. Having a custom printed marquee for club sports and during game day will be more enjoyable for athletes and coaches alike.


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