MedCart Marketplace Launches OME Outsourcing: Revolutionizing Ecommerce with Expert Virtual Assistant Services

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MedCart, Australia’s leading medical marketplace, is excited to announce the official launch of OME Outsourcing, an innovative virtual assistant services company specializing in e-commerce support.

OME Outsourcing is dedicated to providing customized virtual assistant services that focus on improving the efficiency and productivity of online retailers. Our expert virtual assistants are not only trained by MedCart but also proficient in supporting clients on all major e-commerce platforms, ensuring seamless assistance wherever our clients operate.

“We take pride in being Australia’s sole outsourcing specialists operating a successful medical marketplace,” said Phil Leahy, Founder, and CEO of MedCart. “The overwhelmingly positive feedback from our seller community and the growing demand for scalable professional services that understand online retail were the driving forces behind the establishment of OME Outsourcing.”

OME Outsourcing, abbreviated for Online Market Experts Outsourcing, aims to empower online retailers by optimizing their stores and streamlining operations. By partnering with OME Outsourcing, businesses can enhance productivity, reduce overhead costs, and focus on expanding their operations.

Since its launch in late 2020 during the pandemic, MedCart Australia has grown to host over 100 retail and wholesale partners, offering 34,000+ medical, health, and pharmacy products. OME Outsourcing extends MedCart’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

For more information about OME Outsourcing and the services we offer, please visit our website.

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