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  • Michael Gudinski launches his own boutique label Reclusive Records
  • Reclusive begins with signing Scott Darlow, and his single ‘You Can’t See Black In The Dark’
  • ‘You Can’t See Black In The Dark’ features Ian Kenny, lead singer of Birds of Tokyo and speaks an important message about equality and unity with First Nations people
  • Proceeds from the streams and downloads of ‘You Can’t See Black In The Dark’ will be donated to the Wirrpanda Foundation

Michael Gudinski has just announced his new label, Reclusive Records. Working together with Andrew Mackie (Reclusive’s Director of A&R), Gudinski was inspired by his ongoing label involvement to create Reclusive as a boutique label. 

Reclusive launches with a new single from its latest signing, Yorta Yorta singer-songwriter Scott Darlow and his new single ‘You Can’t See Black In The Dark’. Featuring the incredible voice of Ian Kenny, lead singer of Birds Of Tokyo, ‘You Can’t See Black In The Dark’ is an anthemic rock song about race relations, written from his perspective as a First Nations man. A mainstay of Australia’s Indigenous music industry, Scott is a versatile singer-songwriter, guitarist and didgeridoo player who has sold more than 50,000 albums worldwide. Darlow is a passionate First Nations activist and World Vision spokesperson, regularly speaking in hundreds of schools and corporate settings about his indigenous culture, Australian history, racial tolerance, harmony and important social matters.

Michael Gudinski says, “I am excited to launch Reclusive Records which I’ve been thinking about for quite a while but was holding off until I found the right artist for the right time.  With this new label we are focused on career development and being patient with artists. There will be no musical boundaries within the Reclusive label. I have believed in Scott Darlow for many years and it feels incredibly fitting that the first release for Reclusive is Scott’s extremely poignant and timely song ‘You Can’t See Black In The Dark’ which will lead into a very strong EP in the next couple of months.  Mushroom Group has always firmly supported Indigenous artists  – Yothu Yindi (‘Treaty’ was the first song by a predominantly Indigenous band to chart in Australia and it was the first song in an Aboriginal language, Gumatj, to gain extensive airplay and international recognition), Archie Roach (who has a 30 year history with Mushroom), Troy Cassar-Daley, Christine Anu, Dan Sultan – and we look forward to continuing this with Scott Darlow and ‘You Can’t See Black In The Dark’.”

Andrew Mackie says, “The Mushroom Group is like family to me and I could not be more thrilled to be working with Michael and the team as A&R Director for Reclusive Records. I feel honoured to be in this new role where I can help develop careers of talented artists.” 

Scott Darlow says, “’You Can’t See Black In The Dark’ is a song that I’ve spent my whole life trying to write. It is difficult to articulate the battle I’ve felt as an Indigenous person, when there is still so much love, passion and connection to Australian land. ‘You Can’t See Black In The Dark’ isn’t just a song written for the current Black Lives Matter movement – this is the journey that I have lived and breathed my entire life.”

Ian Kenny says, “‘You Can’t See Black In The Dark’ is a passionate song talking about real issues in our own backyard. Scott Darlow has a truly powerful message and now is a good time for everyone to start listening to a voice like his. Recognise, reform and reconcile are the words I hear.”

The proceeds from streams and downloads of ‘You Can’t See Black In The Dark’ will be donated to Wirrpanda Foundation. Launched in 2005 by former West Coast Eagles player David Wirrpanda, The Wirrpanda Foundation aims to lead the provision of education and employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians by working together to empower and build capacity amongst individuals, their families and their communities.

‘You Can’t See Black In The Dark (feat. Ian Kenny)’ lyrics: 

Been here longer than time 

And our blood’s soaked into the earth below

I can still see the line 

Kept us separated from each other that’s the way it was 

In 67 my name, was recognised

But do you recognise the pain

Are you released from your shame 

(Long) while our kids are locked up (short) like a dog inside a cage 

I’m not blinded by the sins of the past 

We’re burning but we never struck the match 

I’m gonna make a fire from this spark 

We’re gonna light it up you can’t see black in the dark 

Another 3 years gone 

And still you rape the land that you’ve been stealing from 

Digging into her soul 

Like our mother’s nothing to you but a handful of coal

All we own is time 

But all I hear is talk about the bottom line 

Have a look at the crimes 

That left our sons and daughters dying before their time 

Now I sleep with one eye open 

Can I let go of the past?

I’m shining bright, and i won’t stop 

Faster than the speed of light into the black

‘You Can’t See Black In The Dark (feat. Ian Kenny)’ out now through Reclusive
Available here

michael gudinski  announces new label   reclusive records  + signs scott darlow

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michael gudinski  announces new label   reclusive records  + signs scott darlow

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