More than 1.5 Million Birds Counted in the 10th Annual Aussie Bird Count

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The Aussie Bird Count is off to a soaring start, with more than 1.5 million birds tallied in the first three days and many more to be spotted before the event wraps up this Sunday.

With a goal to reach five million birds counted by the end of the week, BirdLife Australia is on track to make this year the biggest count ever.

​​​​​​Here’s how it’s going so far:

 30,500 people registered

  45,000 counts submitted

 1,580,000 birds counted

Enjoy quality time spent in nature

Until October 22, simply spend 20 minutes in one place watching, counting and recording the birds that you see. Enter your location in the app (or through our online web form) and the name and number of each bird species you see, then submit your count after your 20 minutes is up!

“Spring is a particularly busy time in the bird world with many species now on the move or breeding, nesting and raising their chicks,” says BirdLife Australia’s National Public Affairs Manager, Sean Dooley.

“The Aussie Bird Count is fun for everyone, no matter their age or experience – and it’s also a fantastic way to get your kids curious and excited about birds and science long after the count is over. You can count together and count from anywhere – whether it’s a backyard, local park or favourite outdoor space.”

A barometer of Australia’s ecosystems

Providing a snapshot of Australian bird populations at the same time each year, the count helps BirdLife Australia track how bird populations are faring and changing. This data helps fill important knowledge gaps and can inform our own work protecting our local native birds and their habitat.

The Aussie Bird Count app has a built-in “Bird Finder” tool to help counters identify birds while they help BirdLife Australia’s scientists learn more about birds that live where people live and collect valuable data for conservation efforts.

It’s also good for our mental health, says Sean. “Watching birds can reduce our stress and anxiety, decrease mental fatigue and even improve our mood and cognitive functioning – not to mention it encourages all-important physical activity and time spent outdoors and in nature.”

These surveys are quick, efficient and rich in data, and especially useful in monitoring how bird populations are changing over time and between different habitats.

Developing conservation habits

“Noticing birds is often the first step towards caring about them – and where conservation begins,” adds Sean. “During the past 10 years, the Aussie Bird Count has helped raise the profile of Australia’s birds, encouraging thousands of people around the country to connect with nature and get to know the birds around them. For many people, the count is their first foray into the bird world and citizen science – and often, it’s their first count of many. For some, it’s the beginning of a lifelong love of birds and bird conservation.”

There’s also thousands of dollars’ worth of prizes up for grabs, including a birding camera package donated by OM Digital Solutions.

To win prizes, access bird quizzes, bird bingo cards, and bird colouring sheets and join Australia’s biggest citizen science event, visit

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