Most Beautiful Cycling Trails in Australia


Bike riding is a great way to care for your health since it can decrease the risks of serious diseases, like heart attack, stroke, obesity and diabetes. It’s also good for the mind to help you keep depression under control, lower your stress levels, and boost self-confidence. 

Australia is one of the best places in the world to experience the open landscapes and take a breather in nature. Cyclists will love the possibilities of traveling short and long distances surrounded by mountains, beaches, bushland, and dense forests. From easy one-day tracks to extreme terrains, these are the most beautiful cycling trails in Australia for everyone to try.

  • Riding among the vineyards of the Shiraz Trail

If you are interested in Australian wines, the Shiraz Trail is only a 7km long and will take you among the lush vineyards of Southern Australia. Wine cellars along the way will give you the taste of some of the most famous Aussie reds with an accent of Shiraz. 

This trail belongs to the Coast to Vine Rail Trail and you will pass by the parks ideal for a barbecue break. The Shiraz Trail goes from McLaren Vale to Willunga where you can stop by the farmer’s market and spend the night at one of the cottages. 

most beautiful cycling trails in australia

  • Days-long adventure of the Mawson Trail

With its 900km, the Mawson Trail is for those who want to explore Australia up close and personal. The trail has all the necessary signage so you can safely travel across back roads, forests, and other Australian landscapes. It starts in Adelaide and goes to the Blinman in the North Flinders Ranges, taking 14 days to finish. 

The cyclists will ride through the Adelaide Hills, Barossa wine region, towns of Spalding and Hallet, and the Bundaleer Forest. Since summers are too hot for riding, this trail is available from March to November with many campsites available to stay at a reasonable price.

  • Traveling among the prehistoric pines of the Wollemi Cycle Trail

A few hours from Sydney, nature lovers will get a chance to explore the beautiful sights of the Blue Mountains’ the Wollemi National Park. The Wollemi Cycle Trail goes through the prehistoric pine forest, by the small towns, and to the Newnes Plateau. 

Once there you can ride through the 400m-long Glow Worm Tunnel and see the famous worms that inhabit its walls. Kangaroos and wombats are common in this area so ride carefully and admire them from afar.

  • Exploring Tasmania’s Blue Derby Network

Tasmania is the most popular for hiking, but it’s slowly becoming one of the favorite cycling destinations as well. This is mostly because of its amazing nature and cycling trails, especially interesting for the mountain bikers. With 125km, The Blue Derby Network is open the whole year and gathers cyclists of all skill levels. 

With only one and a half hours from Launceston, this cycling trail is a great way to see Tasmanian nature, like the cool temperate rainforests and some of the 55 waterfalls. The best time to cycle is from April to mid-June and September to mid-November, while during July and August most of the trails are closed.

  • Ride along the coastal sites of the Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road will show you the cliffs, beaches, rainforest, and of course the ocean. This trail has around 250km and will take up to five days to finish so it’s perfect to take the family camping

Jumping in the water during breaks and having lunch on the cliffs will definitely impress even the grumpiest teenager. If riding for five days is too much, you can shorten the route by choosing one of its many sections or prolong the duration of your cycling trip.

most beautiful cycling trails in australia

  • Family-friendly cycling from Marmion to Burns Beach

Only 14km long, the route from Marmion to Burns Beach in Western Australia is a favorite for family rides. The trail is e well-maintained and located by the ocean, making it a perfect destination for scenic cycling. 

This is also an educational opportunity since the trail is full of information access points about the plants and animals of the area. Although available the whole year, this route is the busiest on weekends so consider going any other day for a relaxing ride with children.

  • Cycling with kids around the Rottnest Island

Those who want to experience a peaceful tide should pack kids bikes and take the whole family to Rottnest Island. Located in Western Australia, this island is traffic-free and flat making it a perfect spot for the young cyclist and riding with toddlers. 

Rottnest Island has only five cycling routes over 20 bays and 63 beaches on them, covering 22km in total. Besides being able to jump in the water, you can also see quokkas, known as the happiest marsupials in the world. 

  • Uncovering history with the Goldfields Track

If you are interested in learning more about Australian history, the 210km-long Goldfields Track should be on your cycling list. Just a little over an hour from Melbourne, this route will take you through the historic towns of central Victoria. 

Formerly known as the Great Dividing Trail, this is a perfect spot for mountain bikers who are not afraid of the tough terrains. Keep in mind that you need to carry enough supplies and spare parts, as well as to be prepared to lose phone-coverage here and there.

  • Exploring cycling paths of the Darwin Rail Trail

Located in the Northern Territory, Darwin is a city with a network of trails for any type of cyclists. The Darwin Rail Trail is taking the route of the Australian Railway line, active from 1888 to 1976. The trail is over 25km long, but you can see a lot of the remnants of the old railway days, like the four bridges. 

Since the Darwin Rail Trail is designed to preserve the natural landscape, you may see some of the native animals while cycling. The summers are not recommended for cycling because of the heat, but otherwise wet or dry terrain is suitable for mountain, road, and hybrid bikes.  

  •  Decommissioned railway lines of the Great Southern Rail Trail

Another railway experience is available in the Gippsland region — the area with over 300km of rail trails. With its 72km, the Great Southern Rail Trail is the second-longest in the area going from the Strzelecki Ranges to Port Welshpool. The good news is that you don’t have to travel the whole route since it offers seven sections that will shorten your ride. 

Some of the most interesting features during cycling are a 19th-century wooden bridge, dairy farms, and the rainforest. If you want to see the wildlife, keep your eyes open for koalas, wallabies, and wombats are at dawn or dusk.   

All in all

Although these are the most beautiful cycling trails in Australia, the Land of Down Under has many more to offer. Some are great to have a half a day excursion with kids, but others may last for couple of weeks and require strict preparations. However, in both cases, you will see wonderful Australian sights, flora, and fauna, as well as Aboriginal landmarks and historical remnants.


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