Naarm rapper Abe Rich shows his softer side on tender new track, Intimate Friends

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Multi-talented Naarm rapper/beat-maker/engineer Abe Rich takes a moment for introspection and showcases his softer side on his new track, Intimate Friends.

His first release for the year, Intimate Friends sees Abe Rich turning his focus inwards, ditching his usual bravado to slow it down, stop to smell the roses and reflect on life, love, growing up and adulthood.

Written from the heart and framed around his experiences with his long-time partner, Rich is candid on the track, reflecting on his artistic and personal growth while acknowledging his mortality in between dropping quotables about chess prodigy Bobby Fischer, artistic pioneer Salvador Dali and everyone in between.

Taking inspiration from his production influences The Alchemist and Kenny Beats, Rich mediates over a lovingly crafted beat complete with melodic horns and heavenly chopped vocal samples, demonstrating his own production prowess and sample-flipping abilities.

Continuing the trend from his last release V36, Rich continues to find his voice on Intimate Friends, switching out his heavily-processed vocal chain for his natural gritty delivery and accent, displaying a more authentic version of himself in his music.

Intimate Friends releases Friday, September 8th. To stream it, click here for your choice of streaming service.

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