National Eucalypt Day: Celebrating our Urban Champions – 23 March 2024

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Held annually on 23 March, National Eucalypt Day celebrates eucalypts and the important place they hold in the hearts and lives of Australians.

With two months to go, we would love you to join us in celebrating eucalypts by hosting an event, competition, or self-guided activity in March 2024.

This year, our theme is Urban Champions. We understand that this theme does not apply to all of you, but if it does, it is a great opportunity to promote suitable species, the importance of the urban forest and care of established trees.

Please let us know about your planned National Eucalypt Day events so we can assist you with social media and exposure.

Email with details is terrific (; please see:  

Inspiration for events can be found at:

Social media tiles, posters, logo and useful copy can be found here:

Please forward / share this article with anyone who may be interested in creating a National Eucalypt Day event.

Eucalypt Australia thanks all of those who support and promote National Eucalypt Day: the botanic gardens and arboretums, the nurseries, the artists and crafters, the friends groups, those who tend and care for our eucalypts, the on-the-ground conservationists, and those who love eucalypts.

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