Neuron Mobility Takes the Lead this Road Safety Week with Accessibility in Mind

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Leading international e-scooter operator, Neuron Mobility, is collaborating with the Australian Road Safety Foundation (ARSF) to highlight how e-scooter riders can work with the community to make the city’s footpaths safer for all.

Riding on Footpaths: Exactly where e-scooters can be ridden varies from state to state across Australia. While many Australian states, including Queensland, Western Australia, ACT and South Australia, allow footpath riding, there are some notable exceptions. In Victoria and New South Wales, riding on footpaths is strictly prohibited, and riders must stick to low speed roads, cycle lanes, and shared paths. Wherever they are based, all riders should always follow the local rules and give way to pedestrians, particularly older people and those with disabilities.

Perfect Parking: Neuron is urging all their riders to park responsibly. E-scooters should not block footpaths, doorways, fire exits, or public transport stops, nor should they obstruct pedestrian crossings and tactile ground surfaces, which are very important to those with visual impairments. Everyone should be able to move freely and safely around the city.

Educating Riders: Neuron is working with local groups and authorities to spread the word about responsible riding and parking. A social media campaign kicks off this week with a series of lighthearted videos that were developed in conjunction with Blind Citizens Australia, RNIB, and the Thomas Pocklington Trust to ensure riders understand the rules and the importance of accessibility. Plus, riders will be directed to their online ScootSafe Academy, where they can earn free credits for future trips.

Tech Solutions: Neuron is highlighting its groundbreaking AR Parking Assistant, which uses augmented reality combined with geofencing and high-accuracy GPS to help riders find approved parking spots throughout the city. These, along with Neuron’s end-of-trip photo audit and e-scooter topple detection, are just a few examples of cutting-edge technology used to safely control e-scooters.

Enforcement and Incentives: During Road Safety Week, Neuron’s Safety Ambassadors will patrol their cities in greater numbers to remind riders to follow the rules and they will be rewarding some for exemplary parking. However, those who violate the rules may be required to complete refresher training on Neuron’s online ScootSafe Academy before their next ride. Repeat offenders may be suspended, banned from the service or face police action.

Tim Morris, Head of Market Development at Neuron Mobility, said: “The vast majority of our riders follow the rules, but this Road Safety Week, we want to remind them to do their part in keeping our footpaths safe and accessible for everyone.”

Russell White, CEO of ARSF, said: “E-scooters are a great way to get around the city and provide residents with a convenient and efficient option for short trips. We want to encourage e-scooter riders to abide by the rules, be considerate of other path and road users as well as park in a responsible manner. We can all do our part to keep ourselves and the people around us out of harm’s way.”

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