NEW MUSIC: Boundless genre-mixer JIM ALXNDR reveals epic new track ‘Slave’ featuring the captivating vocals of Angie McMahon

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Boundless genre-mixer JIM ALXNDR reveals epic new track ‘Slave’ featuring the captivating vocals of Angie McMahon


“Jim could be a Lido, or a Grynpyret if the next few years go as they should so cross
those fingers and pray for rains because this dude deserves it.” 
– Sound Doctrine
Australian expat James Vincent has been writing and producing his own unique blend of genre-less sound collages under the guise JIM ALXNDR for a little over two years now, after falling in love with Melbourne’s rich club scene. Now based in LA, the avid experimenter has produced for Dylan Joel and Citizen Kay, collaborated with the likes of Broods, Carly Rae JepsenWoodes and more and recently released his debut record Retro Future Love Sound Machine. Now, the immense talent is thrilled to reveal his new single ‘Slave‘ featuring the inimitable vocals of none other than Angie McMahon.

A truly kinetic production that unfolds in equal wells of intimacy and urgency, ‘Slave‘ is an electro-acoustic epic and a testament to the breadth of JIM ALXNDR’s artistry as a musician, writer, producer and collaborator. Early moments of subdued electronica make way for bursting crescendos of hard- hitting percussion and intricately layered field recordings, which lead McMahon’s malleable voice on a journey of exquisite heights. Following from the success of previous 2019 singles ‘When You Love Someone‘ and ‘ily‘, ‘Slave’ is sure to catapult JIM ALXNDR to the top of many a ‘Best Of’ list for the year.

“Slave was a song I wrote when I felt very out of control of the remnants of an incredibly toxic relationship. I’d been with someone on and off for some time and loved them deeply but felt as if my feelings for them enabled me to be taken advantage of – I realised I was more in love with the idea of being in love than the person themself. I wasn’t in a place mentally to say it to them so I put in a song how I felt (what a cliche), what I would say if I could overcome my huge fear of confrontation and my huge fear of them.” – JIM ALXNDR


 “James and I met in a music class a few years ago, and each of us had to write an orchestral arrangement of a pop song. His arrangement of Beyonce’s Love On Top was beautifully nerdy, and I knew I really loved the way he heard and wrote music, so later when he asked me to sing on a song of his I was so happy to say yes. James wrote this whole song, I just went into his house one day and laid down a vocal take for it, then forgot we ever did it! I’m so excited that he’s putting out music because I’m just a fan of his music brain.” – Angie McMahon
Inspired by the likes of Jai Paul, Jon Hopkins and Tennyson, JIM ALXNDR has been described as “one of the most exciting emerging acts in Aussie electronic music” by Happy Mag, with past tracks receiving airplay by everyone from triple j to BBC Radio1xtra, and love from near and far including a shining review from Japan’s cutting-edge music curators Spincoaster. With elements of RnB, Folk and Musique Concrete a regular appearance on many of his releases, genre is no boundary for this rising electronic sensation. Keep an ear to the ground for future JIM ALXNDR releases around the corner.

‘Slave’ is out now via AWAL
Spotify / iTunes / Apple Music / Bandcamp

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