NEW MUSIC: NIDALA reveals breathtaking and awakening new single ‘One Of Those Days’

+ announces carbon neutral debut EP Colours of my People




Proud Djugun artist Nidala Barker aka NIDALA is a French-Aboriginal woman, activist, singer and songwriter. Hailing from the coastal West Kimberley region around Broome, and now based on Bundjalung country Byron Bay, NIDALA makes music for open hearts and raised fists. In 2019 NIDALA released her debut, self-made indie roots single ‘Howl at the Moon’, flooring listeners with her palpable honesty and raw emotion. Now, the captivating artist and performer is thrilled to share her latest single and debut a new iteration of her rapidly advancing musical practice, complete with a three piece band. Welcome, ‘One Of Those Days’; a soulful slowburner lifted off NIDALA’s forthcoming debut EP and carbon neutral project, Colours of my People which aims to create reconciliation in all forms.

Out today via LUSTRE‘One Of Those Days’ was recorded at a friend’s home in the Byron Shire with new bandmates; Matthew Collins on lead guitar, Charity Turner on drums and bassist, Scott Finch. Leaning into the vulnerabilities and heightened lethargy that comes with the current world climate, ‘One Of Those Days’ is an unabridged version of Nidala Barker’s own coping mechanisms, and a gentle reminder to all that rest is just as necessary in healing as it is in activism. The single is NIDALA’s most soulful release yet and a tantalising first taste of what is sure to be one of the most ambitious and talked about releases of the year.

new music: nidala reveals breathtaking and awakening new single ‘one of those days’

“This track is my ode to slowness. It’s about the days you can’t quite get to where you want to be, and everything feels foggy and hard. It’s a reminder that we all deserve some rest. I wrote this song after hitting a point I think all of us have felt through covid. After routine went down the drain and we all tried to pretend like we could still match the outputs we achieved. It’s about the realisation that maybe it was time for us to just sit down and rest.” – NIDALA

Driven by a relentless hope in humanity, Nidala Barker’s work as a singer-songwriter, activist, workshop facilitator and gardener, dedicates itself to creating reconciliation; of ourselves with our emotions, of our bodies with our natural environments and communities, and of Indigenous wisdom with innovative ideas. NIDALA invites listeners to think of their place in the world, welcoming an innate belonging to the Environment and stepping bravely into a shared responsibility to protect it. NIDALA’s debut EP Colours of my People wears its values on its sleeve in a 100% carbon neutral project that explores themes of love, connection, healing, lineage and pride.

Thanks to the support of Bundjalung based sustainable clothing brand, Spell and local Organic Permaculture farm, Ella’s FarmNIDALA will be dedicating 20% of all the EP’s proceeds to planting trees, hoping to demonstrate that music can be a direct tool for creating tangible positive change in the world. She is also dedicating a further 20% of the proceeds towards funding Indigenous run initiatives, ranging from mental health services to creative mentoring, as a means to amplify the positive work of her people. Stay tuned for Colours of my People release date in the not-too-distant future, and be sure to wrap your heart and soul around NIDALA’s first lifted single ‘One Of Those Days’.

‘One Of Those Days’ is out now via LUSTRE

‘One Of Those Days’ Credits
Written by Nidala Barker
Produced by Emily Toner
Mixed by Paul Pilsnenks
Mastered by Paul Blakey
Matthew Collins, lead guitarist
Charity Turner, drums
Nidala Barker, vocalist & guitarist
Scott Finch, bass

‘One Of Those Days’ Lyrics
I knew it from the moment i opened my eyes
I thought ok it’s gonna be one of those days
So i tuck myself deep inside my warm sheets
Have endless cups of tea, starting mindlessly ahead

It’s one of those days baby, one of those days,
it’s been one of those days

We’re always being told to go out on our own
and stand up nice and tall
And never miss a call
But what if i don’t wanna go

I’m great at making plans,
and oh i meet demands
but some days, somedays i dont wanna go.

It’s one of those days baby, one of those days,
it’s been one of those days

I haven’t slept well in months
And no, it’s not just this once
This weight has followed me for years

This is not a call for help,
I’ll be alright please don’t fret
I just need to go slow
Go slow for a little while

So be gentle with me,
Please be gentle with me.

Cause it’s one of those days baby, one of those days,
it’s been one of those days

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