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Hundreds of young Australians converged at OceanEarth Foundation’s inaugural Ocean Youth Summit, last week, to champion the cause of ocean conservation. The first of its kind in Australia, the event brought together an array of speakers and emerging leaders to discuss innovation, sustainability, and ocean conservation.

With a focus on engaging youth advocates, the Ocean Youth Summit served as an inspirational platform for collaboration, co-creation and action towards a healthier ocean.

“We were in awe of the energy, engagement and enthusiasm that all these young people have for exploring ideas to some of the world’s most pressing challenges,” said Claudette Rechtorik, Ocean Youth Founder and Program Manager, OceanEarth Foundation.

“The Summit showed the importance of creating a space that builds young people’s capacity to make informed choices while amplifying their voice and actions. “

The Summit featured an impressive line-up of speakers and advocates including Laura Wells, Lottie Dalziel (2023 NSW Young Australian of the Year and Founder of Banish), ocean advocate Kal Glanznig, Indiana Rhind of Farmwall, Ruby Wake from OzHarvest, Brett Morgan from Market Forces, Amy Low from Piping Hot and Jordan Dwyer from the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment, and Water.

Over two days, participants aged 12-24 engaged in discussions, interactive activities and design challenges aimed at empowering them to become agents of change for the environment.

“The impact of the Summit is expected to be far-reaching,” explained Anissa Lawrence, Managing Director, OceanEarth Foundation. “Empowering our next generation of innovators and leaders, it has shown the creativity and enthusiasm young people bring to this space and the importance of elevating ocean and innovation literacy in education.”

Ocean Youth is the youth program of OceanEarth Foundation, empowering young people since 2015 to safeguard the health and influence positive action for our oceans. A global, youth-informed, science-based initiative, Ocean Youth equips young people with the tools, support, and networks to help build their capacity to influence positive environmental changeand become a driving force for a more sustainable future.

About OceanEarth Foundation

Established in 2008, OceanEarth Foundation (formerly TierraMar) is an Australian-based charity that aims to build a future where people and nature thrive. A world where both our planet and its inhabitants flourish; a future where prosperity is shared by economies and environments.

The foundation of our work rests on empowering local people to become informed decision-makers and active champions of change within their communities. Through collective effort, across Australia, the Pacific and Coral Triangle, we are nurturing a future where humanity and the natural world are harmoniously connected.

Harnessing innovative thinking, dynamic collaborations, and nurturing the changemakers of tomorrow, OceanEarth Foundations’ holistic solutions are delivered through three strategic programs: Ocean – resilient oceans for people and nature; Earth – resilient communities through nature-based solutions; and GenerationNature+ – positive impact for our OceanEarth.


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