Old Mill Estate Wines Vintage Touriga 2007 



Old Mill Touriga 2007
Old Mill Touriga 2007


2015 NYE

This year I started 2015 off with a bottle of vintage port.

Strange choice I hear you say, I have been drinking some very good wines in the lead up to Christmas, and wanted to drink something memorable for NYE and that I did.

I looked through the cellar and spotted a dusty 500ml bottle of: Old Mill Estate Wines – 2007 Vintage Touriga, Langhorne Creek on the banks of the Bremer River.

What a choice this wine was so powerful at seven years of age the room just filled with the smell of coffee and plumbs and for me just briefly, Douro Valley, yes the smell of port real port weaved in and out over the night.

This wine at times tasted and smelt like it had just landed on the wharf from Portugal so rich, prunes, plumb, even fig all wrapt in the aroma of a dark coffee syrup with a warming spirit that filled the mouth with old wood and fruit. Tasting very old world Australian port, stunning stuff.

There is a new generation of new wine drinkers that are missing out on one of the wine worlds drinking pleasures, fortified wine.

And it is a shame, however for the few people that still love to drink the odd bottle of port, I would suggest if you hunt around the smaller wine stores and see what they have tucked away on the bottom shelf, you may just find a gem.


May this year be twice as good as last year!


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