Pacific Green to Develop South Australia’s Largest Grid-Scale Battery Energy Park

Pacific Green

Pacific Green Limestone Coast Energy Park

Pacific Green, a global leader in renewable energy solutions, is proposing to develop South Australia’s largest grid-scale battery energy park on the Limestone Coast.

Having secured exclusive rights to a strategically located site adjacent to the 275 kVA South East Substation, the proposed Limestone Coast Energy Park will consist of a 0.5 GW / 1.5 GWh battery with the capacity to store almost 60% of SA’s residential solar output for up to a 4 hour period. This development will significantly strengthen the region’s grid stability and help to lower energy costs for South Australian customers.

As the South East Substation feeds into the Heywood Interconnector between South Australia and Victoria, the Limestone Coast Energy Park will also charge and discharge excess renewable energy to and from Victoria.

The proposed Energy Park will play a significant role in accelerating the state’s net-zero transition. Once operational, it will enable an average of 80,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide to be avoided each year by discharging renewable power to the grid during evening peak times and overnight.

Joel Alexander, Pacific Green Managing Director, Australia commented: “We are excited to grow our portfolio into South Australia, which already has the highest adoption of renewable generation of all states in Australia. Our Limestone Coast Battery Energy Park can act as a load during the day, increasing the viability of even more solar and wind generation, whilst shifting energy to the times it is most valuable in the evening peak. This momentum allows us to accelerate progress towards South Australia achieving 100% net renewables by 2030.”

The Limestone Coast Energy Park development is currently going through a Development Application with the South Australian Government with construction scheduled for 2024. The project marks the first of several proposed battery projects for Pacific Green. Leveraging its significant experience of building out storage capacity in the UK, the company is aiming to help accelerate Australia’s transition to renewables by building a multi-gigawatt platform that will be deployed across the country. Pacific Green’s second development is located at Portland, Victoria with project rights already secured and development approval expected to begin in Q1 of 2024.

About Pacific Green

Pacific Green Technologies Inc. (Pacific Green) is a global leader in grid-scale battery development, currently operating and developing a portfolio of projects across the world. The company is now establishing a strong presence in Australia with battery storage projects in development in South Australia and Victoria.

Pacific Green is dedicated to creating a cleaner environment for our communities. We do this by delivering innovative energy storage solutions that enable Australia’s net-zero transition. We also partner with communities where we deliver projects to develop wider social value beyond our core business.

For more information, visit Pacific Green’s website:

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