Packing for Moving – Get it Right!


Moving is an ordeal, whether moving business premises or moving homes, but with proper planning and being organised you can reduce the amount of stress it places on you. When packing for moving there is more to it than grabbing any box and throwing anything into them. Haphazard packing leads to boxes that are too heavy, accidents, back problems and not being able to find anything at the other end. Having the right approach and decent boxes from somewhere like Jim’s Self Storage in Melbourne’s West is key. Here are some packing tips to get you in a better place!

Start packing earlier than you think!

A lot of people leave it too close to moving day before they start packing and then it is just all a rush. If you are moving an office pack up things that you do not need in day-to-day operations. Have people take home personal items for now. Have the kitchen packed up to a minimum of items. If you are moving home, pack the rooms you do not use, your guest bedroom, the spare bathroom, and so on. When you do this you can start as early as two or three months out.

Label and label some more

Label the boxes very clearly. Specify not just contents but also what room or section of the office it goes in. Some people even have a colour coding process where each room or section has its own colour paper or markers used. Some use a numbering system.  Also, keep a notebook with lists and notes in it so you can track the boxes and make sure none are lost in the move.

Do not fill large boxes with a lot of heavy items

A common mistake is to take a large box and overfill it with too many heavy items. It is better to use small to medium-sized boxes for heavy items and then fill in the spaces around it with towels, blankets or something to use as filler so the contents are kept tightly packed and secure and do not slide around as you lift them. Packing for moving in this way avoids injuries.

Protect breakable items

Anything that is breakable needs to be protected. You can get proper packing materials to use, bubble wrap, and such or you can wrap things in blankets, linens, towels and old newspapers. Breakable items should be filled and secure but not packed too tightly. Mark the boxes as fragile very clearly on them.

Put similar items together

It is a good idea when packing for moving to put items that are similar or the same together. Put your plates wrapped and stacked in a box and then other flatware can go in the same box.


Moving day can be a lot easier when you start ahead of time, plan and get the right boxes for the job.  You can get boxes for moving from businesses like Jim’s Self Storage.

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