Parasite by Mira Grant


Letter to the author

Dear Mira,

I understand I should start a letter with some polite nothings but I’ve just finished this book and all I want to do is scream.

How dare you write good characters, sucker me in to liking them and then leave them hanging at the end of the book? I’m ignoring that I did the wrong thing and read book two first so I know what happens to Tansy. But you did the same thing with a different character I like in book two. It means I absolutely have to read book three to find out what happens to him. Good thing I bought books one and three at the same time. Heh, heh.

And why is it I like your crazy characters? They’re as well written as your other characters, yet I like them more. I’m sure that says nothing about me and everything about your writing.

You’ve written this believable scientific scenario of scientists showing how they can cure the ills of the world, making even me have the probability of a healthy life. You’ve then shown how it’s possible for it to go entirely wrong creating a pandemic (just ignore that I’m reading this is the middle of a real pandemic) and then the book just finishes. Thank goodness for the last line of ‘TO BE CONTINUED…’

If I lived in San Francisco I’d be intensely worried about all the zombies appearing. I know this is a pandemic because you tell us, but the series is set in San Fran and I’ve been there so I know what BART is (I’ve even travelled on the BART system), and I know some of the other landmarks you mention. This just makes it all feel a bit more real.

I leave this letter while I take a good long look at science types. Why haven’t you fixed the human body without creating a pandemic? Huh? Huh?

Now, I know you have other books, other series…I will find them, hunt them down and read them. That is a threat, rather than a promise.


To the reader: If you want to find out why I’m complaining you can buy this book here.

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