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Tagg Australia eDiscovery
Tagg Australia eDiscovery

Disclosure is usually the most time-consuming and expensive stage of litigation. The exponential increase in all forms of electronic communication has changed the legal landscape. It is often necessary for lawyers to identify, collect, analyse, review and produce a huge volume of digital material in a short time-frame imposed by the Court.

EDisclosure is now crucial for litigation lawyers – the broad definition of “document” covers all electronic information under a party’s control; not just emails but all types of communication such as voicemail, video files and social media.

How can Global BPO help?

Global BPO has extensive experience assisting law firms who may not have the in-house resource or expertise to carry out a significant eDisclosure exercise. Their technology-focused solutions and teams of paralegals and qualified lawyers provide support by working in tandem with the law firm staff to ensure court deadlines are met, even in the most challenging of circumstances.

Global BPO enables law firms to take the stress out of tight deadlines. We deliver bespoke services which can be scaled up to meet the litigation challenge, flexing staff levels as needed. We also have extensive experience and market knowledge so can advise on the most appropriate technology for your case.

Pro Note: What is DSAR (Data Subject Access Requests)?

What are the upsides for law firms?

In a nutshell, the positives of partnered eDisclosure include:

  • Maintaining control
  • Significant cost savings which may be passed on to clients, increasing goodwill
  • Guaranteed quality and timeliness to meet deadlines

Our law firm clients remain very much in control of the conduct of litigation but with around-the-clock support from our teams. We pride ourselves on our effective communication at every step of the process to ensure things run smoothly.   

Law firms’ clients rarely appreciate the extent of the disclosure requirement when they start a claim, so managing expectations at the disclosure stage is paramount. The costs of such an intensive process understandably often comes as something of a shock in today’s budget-conscious environment!  

Partnering with Global BPO enables firms to pass on cost-savings in the form of reduced fees which can really help cement working relationships and pay dividends in the form of future instructions.  Cost of litigation is often difficult to predict and by using Global BPO’s eDisclosure services, law firms working on a fixed-fee basis benefit from cost certainty and enhanced profitability.

Does Global BPO offer any other Document Review services?

Global BPO’s document review teams also provide review services for data subject access requests, privacy access requests, corporate due diligence and investigation matters.  Our commercial model is highly competitive and we offer a 24/7 service.  Quality Assurance and Project Management are included and our teams are used to working to tight deadlines in a fast-paced environment.

Australian success stories

We recently delivered two significant eDiscovery projects: the first involving approximately 60,000 documents with 10 tag issues and several sub-issues for a top -20 Australian law firm.

Within two weeks, we delivered a team of 10 qualified lawyers, a project director, a project manager and 3 quality controllers. 

The entire project was completed within two months, a final handover occurred well within court deadlines and our client was delighted with the team’s responsiveness, standard of service, cultural alignment and team integration.

A second project involving the review of several millions of documents was successfully completed within 14 months.  Specialist software was deployed to de-duplicate and process the data enabling the number of documents requiring review to be significantly reduced.  

Savings in excess of 50% were passed from our client directly to their client, resulting in a high customer satisfaction rating and opportunities for growth.

Our law firm client commented: “We had to work against extremely tight timeframes following a court order. The team had to conduct a complex review with multiple issues and did so in very good time. The quality was excellent, your responsiveness and attention to detail stood out.”

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