Lots of passive-aggressive little Facebook memes and status updates. Every day, news feed jammed with the bleating of moral and emotional cowards.
Look at me please.
Watch me eat my cake and have it.
You? Oh, no! I didn’t mean you!
Eat my plausible deniability and choke.
If you have to resort to guilt-tripping someone on Facebook or twitter to make them behave well or get them involved in your life, chances are, they either: don’t really want to be in your life; don’t really deserve to be in your life; or were never really there to begin with.
Or vice versa. Any of the above.
Or, if you actually care about a person and your relationship with them, try this . . .
Try pretending it’s 1998. Pick up the telephone. Pretend it’s attached to the wall, or only has a few minutes of talk time in its enormous battery. Pretend there is no SMS or social media. Pretend they might be dead tomorrow. Call them.
Better yet, arrange to meet them somewhere. Look them in the eye and use words. Gestures. Communicate.
Be honest.
Be a human being.
Stop being a pussy.


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